What Is Your Emotional Type? Find Out!

One of the best powers we humans have is our emotions. Those emotions blend into us making us express our thoughts in ways we can’t always verbally explain. Learning our feelings and how they react to our situations helps us unravel our personalities and how we interact in the relationships we build. 

To help you understand how emotions reframe our interactions and every relationship in our lives, here are the four emotional types that you should know about. 

Don’t forget to scroll down to take our “What Is Your Emotional Type?” Quiz to help you further understand who you are, emotionally and how you can balance your emotional type. 

The 4 Emotional Types And How To Manage Them 

The intellectual is the emotional type who is bright and articulate and can be described as an analyst. They like to see the world in a rational light and are known to keep a cool mind in tough situations. The intellectual also struggles with emotions and intuition and is slow to open up to others and be playful. 

Also known as an emotional sponge, The Empaths are extremely sensitive, supportive, caring, and loving. They are finely tuned to their (as well as others’) emotions and feel everything too deeply. Sometimes, the depth of their feelings can be considered extreme and can eventually drain their emotional energy. 

They are the strong and silent type, dependable, and always there for you. The Rocks’ presence in your life can make others feel assured and free to express their true self without feeling or fearing judgment. However, The Rock emotional type often struggles with expressing their emotions and feelings and might have trouble connecting with others in a relationship. 

The Gusher emotional type is the one who is finely attuned to their emotions and are comfortable sharing them with others. They don’t leave anyone wondering what page they are on and can quickly forgive others. One of their faults is that they tend to overshare and seem to depend a lot on external validation instead of their intuition. 

Now that you’re aware of the 4 emotional types, let’s take a fun quiz to find out what is your emotional type is. Don’t forget to seek the result and share that with your loved ones to help them better understand you! 

Instructions: Please try to answer each of the questions below as honestly as you can. We ask you to be honest to deliver an accurate result. 

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