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Last Update on December 22, 2023 : Published on September 25, 2020
National Recovery Month 2020

Recovery is a substantial part of the healing process. September is observed as National Recovery Month, an initiative to spread awareness and commend those already recovering from various psychological and physical disorders.

This month celebrates the improvements made by those recovering from substance abuse, mental health disorders, heart diseases, and others. Recovery Month is observed to fortify a positive message that behavioral and psychological health is essential and that treatment for the disorders related to them are effective enough to help people on their road to recovery.

This is a reminder that people in recovery have successes to celebrate and that no one can do it alone. Recovery – with a little bit of love and support – is possible and effective.

national Mental health recovery Month

Many people find recovery hard while to others it is not that perilous. The motivation for recovery depends highly on the one seeking help. Many people find it easy to accept and admit to their problems and disorders whereas many stay in denial or sometimes are unable to find adequate support from those they love.

Recovery is a combined process to help improve the health and wellness of a person and to guide them to lead a happy and content life. The dimensions that support a recovery process are:

  • Health
  • Home
  • Purpose
  • Community

The road to recovery is never easy and it requires effort from all sides. To garner the best results, people need to understand what’s good for their mental and physical wellbeing and to find a safe place to live in the meantime. Having and sticking with a routine is helpful and essential for recovery as well as seeking supportive social relations to provide and improve emotional aid, self-esteem, and confidence.

It is observed that if people have enough support from their loved ones and their community, the path to recovery becomes manageable.

Stages of Recovery

Stages of Recovery:

There are five stages in the recovery process:

1. Pre-Contemplation:

In this stage, a person is not seriously considering seeking help although they are aware of their problem.

2. Contemplation:

In this stage, a person is aware of the consequences of their problem and are seriously considering seeking help.

3. Preparation:

By this stage, a person has decided to change their lifestyle, accept help from their loved ones, and are looking for a treatment suitable for them.

4. Action:

By now, a person is actively involved to change their lifestyle and accept the necessary steps in their treatment to ensure a smooth recovery.

5. Maintenance:

By this stage, a person has completed their treatment and is required to independently undertake responsibility for their recovery.

Aiding your loved ones in their journey to recovery can be intimidating and overwhelming. Understanding their emotions is essential and so is encouraging them to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Transitioning back to a normal lifestyle can be harrowing and difficult to manage but with our love and support, it can be easily achievable.

All you need to remember is that it doesn’t matter how slow your journey is – what matters is that you don’t stop. Life is not easy but it sure is worth it.

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