10 Powerful Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt (& Give Your Best Shot)

Self doubt could act as a trouble and may hold you back from grabbing opportunities. This is why you must find out how to overcome self doubt. Few ways include removal of fear of failure, not caring about what people say, discussing problems with others and polishing your skills. We hope you find your ways soon!

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Most powerful ways to overcome self-doubt

“The worst enemy to creativity is Self-Doubt.”–Sylvia Plath

“This is the opportunity I was waiting for months. But wait, I don’t think I will be able to take it up. I am not capable enough and someone else can do it better than me.”

This is the thought from where you begin stepping back and leave a wonderful thing before even starting it. As quoted by Sylvia Plath, you can be as creative and as amazing for a task but if you’re doubting yourself, this is nothing less than self-destruction.

Self-doubt can trouble you and hold you back from grabbing great opportunities. However, it can be sometimes good, only to realize that an idea is half-baked and needs to be fully prepared before the launch. Keeping the side of the half-baked idea aside, if self-doubt is not allowing you to come under the limelight and all the praises and promotions are credited to others, here’s how to overcome self-doubt and get rid of insecurities.

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Common Causes of Self Doubt:

There could be various reasons why you doubt yourself including:

  • The past mistakes and experiences that rattle the beliefs
  • Upbringing in a family where parents demoralize you
  • You compare yourself to others
  • fear of failure

Sometimes it is challenging to cope with self-doubt but you have to shape yourself with your wisdom. Believe in yourself and let the past mistakes remain as they are because ultimately they can’t be changed.

what causes Self-Doubt

You cannot change the way your parents have brought you up but you can tell yourself that you are capable enough to take decisions in your life. Similarly, comparing yourself with others is good as long as you are learning positive attributes.

Always remember, “Don’t fear failure, fear the absence of progress.”

How To Overcome Self-Doubt?

1. Tell Yourself ‘Stop’

As soon as you find yourself in a situation where your brain is constantly thinking negatively, tell yourself instantly to put a full-stop.

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Take a few deep breaths, shake your head right and left, and feel like dropping off all the thoughts for a moment. Done? Now bring out some counter-arguments:

  • “Oh dear, you can do it and better than what you have planned. Now would you please calm yourself down?” Don’t forget to smile with self-affirmation.
  • Listen to your favorite playlist and charge yourself with new energy.
  • Perform energy-boosting activities like dance, run, or play a round of basketball.
  • you can also create a happiness jar full of happy memories.

2. Don’t Care About People (Even They Don’t)

Another reason why self-doubt erupts every now and then is the reaction of people to your actions. Whenever this thought appears in your mind, try to look at the best and worst sides.

What will happen if you are not able to perform; people will speak and forget at most. And what will happen if you are able to perform; people will congratulate and forget.

So the lesson is, it’s you who must feel good for trying out the opportunity that came to your doors. As far as the criticism is concerned, show your courage and deal with it very smartly. Instead of doubting yourself, feel free to seize what is meant for you.

3. Keep A Journal On Your Desk

We all need someone who can listen to us and that ‘someone’ is US. Yes, you need to speak to yourself and acknowledge your feelings. We won’t recommend constant thinking as self-talking as thoughts remain cloudy then.

But when you write a journal and vent out what’s going on in your mind, you are automatically on the way to overcoming self-doubt.

When all the issues in your mind are laid out on a paper, the next paper must-have solutions for the same. Gain clarity about the reasons you are facing self-doubt and work upon it with new perspectives.

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4. Share Your Thoughts With Someone Close / Seek Help

When we keep thinking about a particular thing and keep ourselves drowned in the thoughts of failure, we need a new direction. Now your mind alone may not be able to present with different ideas but your friend or sibling may help you with the same. Take out some time, sit for a coffee and talk to them about how you are feeling or how to beat self-doubt.

It’s not sure that they would be able to help you or not but speaking your mind out loud clears out a lot of things, believe it. In fact, they may help in finding if you are exaggerating or experiencing self-doubt in real life.

5. A Dose Of Optimism

All of us face self-doubt in some or other situations but the question is how to overcome self-doubt. A motivational book, short stories, inspirational blogs, podcasts or listening to well-known speakers could help you in killing doubt and insecurity. Honestly, these might count as little things but they do have a power to turn your negative emotions into positive.

So whenever there is a thought of self-doubt nearing you, take out 30 minutes from your schedule and plan to focus your energy for goodness.

6. You Are Not A Failure If You Have Just Failed

Failure is never a permanent setback, you have just explored a path not to be walked again. It might be possible that everything looks gloomy and dark to you after failing multiple times but setbacks happen to give you another chance.

Instead of doubting yourself and making it your identity, buck up because the game is still not over.

Read what J.K. Rowling used to think but how she changed herself for the better.

7. Polish Your Skills

Do you think that the greatest personalities today have reached the highest peaks without any self-doubt? No, dear. They struggle and possess self-doubt too but in the end, they fight courageously by polishing their skills and performing the best they can.

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If you have a presentation at the office after 2 days, all you can do is prepare yourself for the best. Rehearse the presentation in front of the mirror or with a friend. When you try to visualize yourself performing great, the chances of self-doubt reduces to a great extent. After all, no one participates in the Olympics without preparation, right?

8. Celebrate The Accomplishment

Achieved something you wanted to? Then you must have overcome self-doubt already! Now, where is the celebration? Get yourself a tub of ice cream and some snacks because even the smallest step means a lot for bigger goals. It will help you to renew the motivation and boost confidence for future opportunities.

9. Practice Self Love & Compassion

Take the road to self-love before hitting any target. Once you embrace your own qualities, the answers to self-doubting questions could be found. Self-love and compassion also mean to be kind to yourself and find peace and greater life satisfaction even if you fail.

As you start loving yourself, you don’t remain harsh towards yourself and even embrace the imperfections. In order to overcome doubt, this is probably one of the most important steps and we are sure you won’t skip it.

10. Therapy and Treatment For Self-Doubt

Self-doubt may also be associated with mental health concerns, even due to present or past issues. If your self-doubt is not meant for introspection but only becoming a problem in life then consider counseling with an expert.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a potential way to treat self-doubt. Connect with us by messaging at info@calmsage.com and together break the vicious cycle of self-doubt.

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Invest In Yourself – Online Therapy Can Help You to Treat Self Doubt

Begin A New Journey with Online Therapy

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Frequently Asked Question:

Q1. Is self doubt a mental illness?

Self-doubt alone is not considered a mental illness but it is an emotion that may enhance due to mental illnesses like mood disorder, depression, anxiety, phobia, etc.

Q2. Is anxiety linked to low self-esteem?

Self-esteem may become a problem with social anxiety disorder where people suffering from it may have poor confidence and they think of themselves as worthless.

Q3. What causes a lack of self-worth?

There could be many reasons why people feel as worthless like physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, trust issues, etc.

Q4. How do you raise a confident child?

If you appreciate your child no matter whether they win or not, let them explore their age, encourage their curiosity, let them stretch their boundaries by themselves, and give them new challenges, you can raise a confident child.

Wrapping Up
Let us end this blog in the hope that you will overcome self-doubt very soon. You can also read about impostor syndrome for further knowledge on self-doubt. We will although wait for you to respond back and a hope to resolve your queries.

So, shoot your views and outlook in the comment section below. Also, keep following us on our Facebook page for everyday happiness.

Keep reading and stay confident!

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