Unresolved Trauma: Signs and Much More!

Last Update on October 22, 2021 : Published on October 24, 2021
Unresolved trauma

There are so many of us who are struggling every day because of unresolved trauma. We all have different thresholds for pain and suffering. Therefore, something that is slightly traumatizing for you can be extremely tormenting for some else.

Most of us have been through a traumatizing event at some point in our lives. We often deal with it in a healthy manner but sometimes they can remain unresolved. Those unresolved traumas can take a toll on our lives.

Our brain is very powerful and when something stresses the brain out it automatically pushes the memory deep inside. That’s how the brain protects us from getting hurt. Unfortunately, by doing this the brain can’t protect us from the effects of unresolved trauma. They will still be impacting your life.

Therefore, it is very important for us to know the signs of unresolved trauma so that we can get the help we may need.

11 Signs of Unresolved Trauma

unresolved trauma signs

1. Can’t deal with conflicts

You can’t deal with conflicts that well. You develop a weird fear of being in a conflict with others. Since you don’t want to be in a conflict with anyone you begin to avoid situations which may lead to conflicts. You basically run away from them.

2. Can’t bear intense feelings and emotions

Having intense feelings or emotions can scare you a lot. You don’t want to feel something that’s more than you can tolerate. You begin to stay away from people or things that might make you build a strong feeling or emotion.

3. Develop unhealthy core beliefs

We all have some core beliefs according to which we choose to react to various things and situations in life. When you have unresolved trauma you develop a core belief that you are not enough/bad/worthless.

4. Suicidal behavior

When you have unresolved trauma sometimes you remain unaware of it. This unawareness leaves you perplexed as to why you are feeling a certain way. This uncertainty and confusion can make you feel frustrated which may lead to suicidal behavior.

5. Eating disorders

Unresolved trauma keeps having an impact on you even when you have no awareness of it. Since you are still unaware that unsettled and restless feeling will drive you crazy. To ease that discomfort you may do it through food, eventually developing eating disorders.

6. May develop dissociation

There are various ways you can deal with trauma causing situations. You begin to feel that you have other identities too. You are confused about who you really are because you feel like you have different contradictory personalities.

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7. Inappropriate attachment with people

Unresolved trauma can make you feel like you attach to other people very easily. Usually these attachments are towards people who seem like a mother figure or father figure. Attachment happens irrespective of how the person is, they can be dysfunctional or unhealthy.

8. Develop anxiety and panic

You are most likely to develop anxiety or panic disorder if you have unresolved trauma. In most cases there are no clear causes of your anxiety. That is because the memory of unresolved trauma is pushed to the unconscious.

9. Unsettling thoughts, nightmares and flashbacks

Even though you might not have an active and fresh memory of that particular traumatic event, your unconscious mind does. Therefore, you might get some thoughts, nightmares, and flashbacks of the unresolved trauma.

10. Develop addictive behavior

You might get attracted to unhealthy substances that can push those memories further away from your consciousness. You can begin indulging in excessive drugs or alcohol use or become addicted to gambling or other addictive activities.

11. Conflicted relationships

With unresolved trauma you might not be able to maintain good and healthy relationships. There will be intense but short lived relationships, dysfunctional relationships. You might also have a lot of love/hate relationships.

Final thoughts

Unresolved trauma can uproot your life before you could even realize what is wrong with you. Addressing the unresolved trauma is important but being ready to come in contact with unresolved trauma is even more important.

If you are experiencing a couple of signs mentioned above, there is a high chance that you might have an unresolved trauma. You can choose to revisit the traumatic memories but I would recommend you do it in the presence of a therapist.

Meet up with your doctor and you can together decide whether you are ready to recollect the traumatizing memories. It is important to know the signs of unresolved trauma so that you at least know the reason behind your troubled mind and body and later work on resolving the issues.

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Take care and stay safe!

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