Myths And Facts About Suicidal Behavior

Last Update on September 18, 2020 : Published on September 12, 2020
Myths and Facts about Suicidal behaviors

around suicidal behaviors. Psychologists stated that suicidal behavior is an urge to cry desperately. Some state that suicidal behavior comes from the exceeded pain when one cannot cope with the pain anymore. Moreover, suicidal behaviors do not come from bad deeds, weakness, or unworthiness. Let’s take a look on some more myths and facts related to suicidal behaviors.

Here are some myths you need to ignore when someone is having suicidal thoughts and facts you need to know before handling someone with suicidal behaviors.

Myths Related to Suicidal Behaviors

Myths Related to Suicidal Behaviors

#Myth 1

Suicidal behaviors mean the person has mental issues.

#Myth 2

Nothing can stop suicide when the person is having suicidal thoughts.

#Myth 3

People who are committing suicide have never tried to get through counseling and therapy.

#Myth 4

Suicidal conversations and movies force people to commit suicide and give them suicidal ideas.

#Myth 5

Suicidal thoughts and behaviors can never be changed.

#Myth 6

Suicide is an act of anger, revenge, or aggression.

#Myth 7

Most of the suicides are committed in winter.

#Myth 8

People who have suicidal thoughts are not good at communicating their problems.

#Myth 9

People have suicidal thoughts due to the overuse of alcohol and drugs and they should not be taken seriously.

#Myth 10

Always keep suicidal thoughts a secret, if someone confesses their feelings to you.

Facts Related to Suicidal Behaviors

Facts Related to Suicidal Behaviors

#Fact 1

It is really not important to have diagnosed with a mental issue to have suicidal thoughts. Suicidal thoughts can trigger anyone going through grief, sadness, or a rough patch.

#Fact 2

People having suicidal thoughts are constantly fighting with themselves to how to react. They never thought of suicide in the first place. But, consequences, situations, or circumstances make them take this fatal step. In the end, they end up taking their lives.

#Fact 3

Research shows that people having suicidal behaviors seek professional assistance before taking any hard step. Therefore, it is important to observe each and every symptom of suicidal behavior before judging anyone on the basis of their thoughts.

#Fact 4

Most of the people say that some scenes from the movies trigger suicidal thoughts. Meanwhile, this is totally incorrect. Talking about suicide or showing a movie related to suicide always has a lesson in it. And, it is completely wrong to talk like this about suicidal thoughts. This shows the insanity and inhumanity towards people who commit suicide or going through it.

#Fact 5

The suicidal thoughts and behaviors are triggered by tough circumstances experienced by the people. Going through therapy or counseling does not mean total recovery. Suicidal behavior can return at any time. However, proper counseling is the only option to stop them permanently but it also does not come with any guarantee. Therefore, keep checking on your loved ones.

#Fact 6

As I mentioned above, suicidal thoughts are part of the pain and a constant battle with the pain. And have no relation with anger, aggression, and feeling of resentment.

#Fact 7

I completely agree that suicides are committed due to Seasonal affective disorder. But, this does not mean those suicidal behaviors are season oriented. It’s all about the pain and suffering and seasons have nothing to do with suicidal thoughts.

#Fact 8

Suicidal thoughts are related to the feelings of misunderstood, ignored, or ridiculed. This does not mean that people with suicidal thoughts are bad at communicating. They really tried to share their feelings but got misunderstood or ignored.

I hope this blog helps you to understand suicidal behaviors more briefly. Check our suicidal prevention blog series to help someone you know. This September let’s pledge to prevent and protect people from suicidal intentions. Comment down and let us know your views on suicidal behaviors and how to prevent the major cause.

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