Are You Binge-Watching YouTube Videos? Learn About YouTube Addiction

Last Update on May 26, 2022 : Published on May 26, 2022
YouTube Addiction

We all love watching videos on YouTube. It’s true that YouTube is a lifesaving tool as it is full of informational, entertainment, knowledgeable, guided, problem-solving content. But it’s also a fact that when we use something overly, it can turn into an addiction.

I know we cannot imagine our life without YouTube now but do you know when we start spending more time watching video content online, we can have a YouTube addiction?

Are you also thinking if it is possible to have something like a YouTube addiction? Well, yes, according to psychology, YouTube addiction is a term that is used to describe the addiction of people who spend more time watching videos on YouTube. Yes, it represents a serious mental health problem.

As of now, it is not recognized as a specific mental health condition, psychologists suggest that it can be recognized under internet addiction. However, it can also be formed under behavioral addiction.

If binge-watching video content on YouTube is causing distress or disruptions in your life then it might be possible that you or your loved one has a YouTube addiction. In such situations, it is really important to identify the possible signs, causes, and treatment so that you can get the right help.

This blog covers what is YouTube addiction, the symptoms of YouTube Addiction, and how to control YouTube addiction.

Symptoms of YouTube Addiction



YouTube is not a condition, as of now, there are no specific symptoms to diagnose. However, there are some possible signs which can be used for recognizing this type of addiction. Some of the common signs of YouTube addiction are:

  • Binge-watchingYouTube videos
  • Thinking about YouTube videos
  • Special planning to watch YouTube videos
  • Considering binge-watchingYouTube videos to feel better
  • Watching YouTube videoseven after experiencing negative consequences
  • Feeling the urge to cut screen time every time
  • Neglecting important work to watch videos
  • Experiencing signs of withdrawal like social withdrawal, irritation, and anger especially when someone stops you from watching videos onYouTube

Since it is not a disorder and we cannot find this condition in the DSM-5, it can be categorized under behavioral addiction. To learn about behavioral addiction, click here.

Causes of YouTube Addiction

Like other addictions, YouTube addiction can also be caused due to various reasons. When people start losing control over their behavior and begin to watch videos to feel better, it can have negative mental health consequences. For example, to avoid something, people may start watching videos. Below are some of the common causes behind YouTube addiction:

  • To avoid something
  • To get over grieving
  • To move on
  • To find peace on YouTube
  • To spend free time

We all know that YouTube’s algorithm is set in such a way that it starts recommending more videos based on your interactions which can also be the leading cause behind YouTube addiction.

Impact of YouTube Addiction


YouTube addiction can have negative consequences; it is not only limited to mental health impacts but can also have physical health impacts. Physical impacts can be weight gain, headache, chronic pain, and more. Meanwhile, it can also cause disruptions in your personal and professional life.

It can highly impact performance, productivity, and activeness at work. If you think that your binge-watching behavior is causing distress in your life, you can refer to the below section to learn how to control YouTube addiction or how to move towards YouTube addiction recovery.

Learn about Nomophobia from here.

Ways to Control YouTube Addiction

The first step towards overcoming YouTube addiction is to consult with a mental health professional as such symptoms can also be related to some other mental health issues. It is really important to get diagnosed properly and to get the right treatment options.

To connect with a mental health professional from BetterHelp, click here.

In addition to the treatment from a professional, you can also try the below-mentioned self-help strategies to overcome YouTube addiction:

  • Set limits on your screen time (You can use apps like Social Fever).
  • Turn off the Auto-play button to avoid more recommended videos.
  • Set a reminder to take a digital detox
  • Reward yourself for limiting yourself from digital devices.
  • Use distractions like spending time on
  • Try mindfulness-based meditation to get over negative or anxious thoughts.

Way to Control YouTube Addiction in Children


YouTube addiction is one of the growing problems, especially in children; you can try some below strategies to help your children overcome YouTube addiction:

  • Set parental controls.
  • Try taking the help of hobbies so that they can limit using digital devices.
  • Set limits on digital devices.
  • Communicate effectively with your childand regular questions about their mental health.

I hope this blog helps you in understanding YouTube addiction and helps with YouTube addiction recovery or withdrawal. If you wish to know more about YouTube addiction in children, comment down, we are happy to help. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

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