7 Key Signs That You’re on The Path to Emotional Healing

Last Update on May 8, 2023 : Published on May 8, 2023
7 Key Signs That You're on The Path to Emotional Healing

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity” – Hippocrates

One of the hardest paths to walk in life is the path to healing; the road to recovery. There come many days when it’s almost believable that healing is impossible, but for those who haven’t given up, healing is a real possibility as long as they let go of their expectations about the healing process and trust that one day, the opportunity to feel whole will arise.

There are many things that we struggle with and survive. I’m not just talking about physical pain and recovery, but also emotional healing. We all have experienced some kind of emotional pain and distress, but can all of us confidently say that we’ve truly healed emotionally?

Let’s face the reality. Your healing journey is something you can never turn back around on. When you start healing you’re a wounded person, but when you come out healed, you turn into someone who you were not before.

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? But when done right; with confidence; emotional healing can free you and help you regain control over your life and emotions once again.

What is Emotional Healing?

Emotional Healing

When I talk about emotional healing, I refer to the process of acknowledging, accepting, embracing, and allowing the processing of uncomfortable emotions and life experiences. This emotional recovery can include empathy, self-monitoring, compassion, self-acceptance, and mindfulness.

We often want to control our emotional healing by reducing pain and regulating our emotions, but that’s not the correct process. Doing this will only hinder your emotional healing.

What we also fail to accept is the duration of emotional healing. Physical recovery and healing may take weeks or months, but emotional healing takes time – sometimes less and sometimes more than you expect. Another aspect of emotional healing is that it looks and feels different for everyone, however, the stages of emotional healing and its benefits remain the same.

We all go through different emotional challenges in our lives. Some of us repress those uncomfortable emotions while others jump to processing those emotions directly.

The uncomfortable emotions and stressors that might cause us to seek emotional healing may include;

  • Grief or loss of a loved one
  • Separation or divorce
  • Loss of a job
  • Abuse – emotional, physical, verbal, etc.
  • Chronic diseases
  • Anxiety, and
  • Depression

Why is Emotional Healing Important?

The emotional distress we experience is never comfortable and one of the things that hold us back from seeking emotional healing is the fear of facing our uncomfortable emotions. The fear of what we’ll find or who we’ll be post-healing. However, stranded by this fear, we overlook the benefits and importance of emotional healing.

Here are some reasons why emotional healing is important;

  • It helps us improve heart health
  • It increases our lifespan
  • It lowers the stress hormone and its effects
  • It helps regulate our heart rate
  • It helps build the immune system

Some amazing benefits emotional healing can have on our health, right? Now, let’s take a look at the signs you’re healing emotionally;

7 Signs You’re Emotionally Healing

Emotionally Healing

Some common yet uncomfortable signs you’re healing emotionally can include;

1. You allow yourself to feel your emotions

When you allow yourself to acknowledge and embrace your emotions rather than burying them deep inside can be a sign that you’re emotionally healing. When you’re healing emotionally, you start accepting the positive as well as the negative emotions because you begin to realize that both kinds are important to make you whole.

2. You have better emotional clarity

When you’re struggling with emotional challenges, you are unclear on your boundaries and are always afraid of meeting rejection, feeling ashamed, and not letting yourself be a priority. However, when you begin healing emotionally, you become confident in setting boundaries, accepting yourself as a priority, and having the emotional clarity to do things and make decisions.

3. You respond rather than react

Another sign that you’re healing emotionally is that you are not responding rather than reacting. Before your healing, you used to treat everything as a threat and would react without thinking things through. But now, think logically and then respond. You understand that reacting and running away are not the right steps but emotional regulation and self-analysis are.

4. You understand the healing process

When you’re on the path to emotional healing, you accept that healing is not linear; it is uncomfortable. You accept that you will be confronting the ugly emotions that cause you distress.

And you understand that it’s OK and normal. It is, after all, the path to finding inner peace and accepting yourself. You know that you have had ups and downs and what you’re feeling today would be different from what you’ll feel tomorrow.

5. You’re ready to leave your comfort zone

Healing emotionally can also shine through your confidence in letting yourself step out of your comfort zone. So if you’re looking for a sign that you’re emotionally healing and ready, this is it.

You accept and are ready to leave your comfort zone. You are not afraid of things that felt scary before. When you see yourself turning a new leaf and doing things you never thought you could do, take it as a sign of emotional healing.

6. You acknowledge disappointments

Another major sign you’re healing emotionally is that you now acknowledge disappointments and take them in stride. You see life as a balance of successes and failures and accept that bad days will come but they’ll also be temporary. You’ll also see how easily you accept disappointments and rejections and respond positively to them.

7. You allow yourself to seek support

When you’ve been emotionally wounded and hurt, the urge to go away to lick your wounds is huge, but when you’re on the path to emotional healing, you have a changed mentality. You see the value of seeking help and acknowledge that you don’t have to do everything on your own. You’re open to seeking support and asking for help and that it’s OK.

Final Thoughts…

There is no certain indication or a finish line that announces that you’re fully healed. Emotional healing is complex and sometimes you don’t even realize that you’re healing because it’s gradual.

Different stages and signs of emotional healing may vary from person to person, but in the end, when you continue to honor your emotional healing, you’ll see how improved your overall well-being would be.

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