Let’s Create Your Personalized Daily Routine In 5-Minutes

Last Update on April 12, 2022 : Published on April 12, 2022

Setting up an organized routine is more of an art with a dash of science. Wondering 5-minutes is too short to make your routine organized?

Well, trust me, give me 5-minutes and see how instantly this blog will help you in creating your own personalized daily routine.

Just keep one pen or pencil and a notebook handy to note your own personalized routine.

Are you ready?

So, let’s begin by creating your own personalized daily routine!

Before we begin, let’s review some benefits of creating your own personalized daily routine:

  1. Promotes a stress-free day
  2. Helps in fighting the blues of loaded tasks
  3. Helps in forming good habits
  4. Works best for new year’s resolutions
  5. Keeps your mental health intact
  6. Saves your time
  7. Automatically creates a to-do list in your mind
  8. Makes you look organized and well-managed
  9. Maintains your sleep cycle
  10. Polishes your personality for professional and personal purposes

Now that we have understood some of the great benefits of creating a personalized routine, let’s focus on creating your own personalized routine.

5 Easy Steps for Creating Personalized Daily Routine

In order to create your own personalized daily routine which is stress-free and helps in forming good habits, you must focus on the below-mentioned 5 steps.

Step 1: Make a List

Take out your pen and notebook and start mentioning things that you need to get done on an everyday basis in your home and at work. Don’t focus on organizing these tasks; just start mentioning them as it is on the paper. You can take a while to note all the tasks. If you are feeling like it is too hard to remember tasks in one go, you can take some more time and write your tasks.

Remember, no task is too small; you must enlist all the tasks that make your routine. For example, you can start writing by meditating, brushing your teeth, preparing breakfast, eating breakfast, managing your meetings, and so on.

Step 2: Organize the list in an easy manner

In this step, the idea is to organize your list in an easy manner. In order to organize your list, you must organize your daily routine in such a manner so that you can reach your goals every day and get some time for yourself as well. Do you know people who are early birds are able to complete their work effectively before time, while people who are night owls burst their energy levels in the evening?

You have to organize your routine in a way that works best for you. You can also subdivide your routine into 3 sections: morning, midday, and evening. Do not forget to add one self-care task so that you can get some time to unwind as well.

Step 3: Focus on your priorities

While organizing your personalized routine, you can also customize your organizer according to your priorities and you can also remove some tasks that are not necessary. The goal behind this step is to be specific, appropriate, and prioritize. Additionally, after adding your priority tasks, you can also add a timeline so that this personalized routine setter can be developed into a habit.

Have you ever heard about the 21/90 rule? This rule states that it takes 21 days to make a habit and it takes 90 days to permanently make a lifestyle. Hence, if you want to build your routine into a habit, read more about this rule from here.

Step 4: Include flexible time

Clearly, we have to make it look simple so that you can achieve the routine on time without stressing out. If you will make a detailed one and will add unrequired tasks, it won’t work for you! Therefore, in this step take some more time to harness your productivity for the most challenging tasks and keep the least challenging tasks for lazy times or stressful times. Also, while scheduling or organizing your routine, take some time out for the family, loved ones, and partners. A routine with some flexible timing will help in maintaining your professional and personal life smoothly.

Step 5: Test Drive and make changes

Finally, you are ready to take your new routine for a test drive. Test it for a few days, you can also make some changes and adjust this routine according to your priorities, personal needs, and mental health needs. It might look difficult to follow the whole routine at first, but remember you can make changes or adjust the routine according to your productivity levels.

I hope this blog helps you in creating your personalized routine in 5-minutes. Make your personalized routine and do not forget to share your experiences via the comment section below. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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