How To Identify Suicidal Behavior In Teens (Warning Signs)

Last Update on June 16, 2022 : Published on June 16, 2022

Did you know suicide is one of the reasons which causes the most about of deaths in adolescents? It is in fact the second most leading cause of teenage deaths. One of reasons for this increasing number is not knowing the signs of suicidal teenager.

It is very important for all of us to know the signs of suicidal tendencies in adolescents. There are always some warning signs that a suicidal teenager shows before actually committing suicide. Suicides can be avoided, we just have to be vigilantes about the signs of a suicidal teenager.

If you have a teenager and home or if you are a teenager, this blog is just for you. Today, we will be focusing on two things; i) signs of a suicidal teenager and ii) how to deal with suicidal tendencies as a teenager.

Let’s get started;

Signs Of A Suicidal Teenager


The cause of suicidal tendencies can differ from person to person because each one of us has a different threshold with different experiences in life. Each one of us is dealing with different demons but the feelings, thoughts and emotions associated with the struggle may be similar.

It is unfortunate that teenagers at such a young age have been saturated to a point where they do not want to live anymore. As parents or members of the society it is our duty to identify suicidal tendencies in adolescents.

To help you with the same, here’s a list of warning signs of a suicidal teenager;

1. Change in basic behavior: id an adolescent is contemplating suicide, they will show some changes in their basic behavior. If you notice some changes which occur more often can be a sign of suicidal teenager. Here are a few type of changes that you can notice;

  • Symptoms of depression
  • Changes in sleep and appetite
  • Social isolation
  • Various bodily pains that can’t be explained

2.Change in behavior in school: teenagers are at a dynamic stage of development and kids are dealing with a lot of changes in their life. But if you are looking for signs of suicidal teenager, here are a few change that are the red flags in this case;

  • Decline in academic performance
  • Self- Isolation at school
  • Lack of interest in studies, games, co-curricular activities, etc.

3.Thoughts of death: this is one of most obvious signs of a suicidal teenager. It is when your adolescents talk about death a lot lately or are looking for ways to die. Sometimes suicidal ideations in adolescents are also indicated by weird question about death like, “will you miss me after I am gone?”

These are the three main warning signs of suicidal tendencies in adolescents. There are other warning signs of suicidal teenager such as:

4.Intense feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness
5.Giving away of prized possessions to friends and family
6.Talking about death or making some drawings about death

How To Deal With Suicidal Thoughts As A Teenager?


Till now we were talking about the suicidal tendencies in adolescents. That information is helpful for teenagers and well as their friends and family. Now we will be talking about how to deal with suicidal thoughts as a teenager. The following information is for the suicidal teenager but we can all benefit from knowing how to deal with suicidal thoughts.

There are 5 simple ways you can deal with suicidal thoughts as a teenager;

1. Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings. It’s very important to know what you’re feeling, why you are feeling those things, and what you can do to make yourself feel better. Don’t bottle your feelings up, acknowledge them.

2. Be honest with yourself. You can’t keep beating yourself up for things other people say about you. You know who you are, trust yourself and your intuitions. Unless you aren’t honest about your feelings with yourself you can’t express yourself honestly.

3. Connect with your friends, family or confidants. When you are dealing with suicidal thoughts as a teen, social support is one thing that can really hold things together for you. Try to have at least one person who you are connected with.

4. Talk about your suicidal thoughts. If your suicidal thoughts do not subside you should talk about your feeling and thoughts with someone you really trust.

5. Seek professional help: one of the best ways to deal with suicidal thoughts is to het professional help. If you are someone struggling with suicidal thoughts as a teen, book an appointment now to get the help you need.

That’s All Folks

I hope you found this blog helpful and informative. Do keep the signs of suicidal teenager in mind so that you can easily spot on. If you someone you is dealing with suicidal thoughts as a teenager do give these 5 tips a try.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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