Let’s See How Your Favorite Season Reveals Your Personality

Last Update on April 7, 2022 : Published on April 7, 2022
favorite season and why

Each season of the year has its own beauty. Isn’t it?

For some winter is a time of celebration and for some autumn brings positive vibes!

We all have our favorite picks especially when it comes to the seasons of the year. There’s always an exacting season of the year which looks more appealing to us. Yes, exactly some seasons speak to our personality as well. It might look a little bit shocking but psychology has explained our personality based on our seasonal preferences. In this blog, let’s discuss what the connection between different seasons and personality is.

First of all, let us understand the impact of seasons on our mental health and why do we prefer certain seasons?

A Deep Look at Our Seasonal Preferences

Psychology has revealed that our seasonal preferences can depict our personality. However, I was not able to find more research based on light and temperature that shows how seasons impact our moods and behaviors.

However, in one study I found that people who are born in the summer or spring season show preferences in positive temperaments. They also have rapid changes in mood and behavior. Meanwhile, those who are born in the winter season are less likely to adjust and contain irritable temperaments in their personality.

You might find it cliché, but do you know psychologists have found that there is a powerful influence on some seasons and moods as well. In research, I found that shorter days of the winter season result in seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which is a form of depression.

Meanwhile, the onset of the spring season leads to a boost in positive vibes. Meanwhile, the level of positivity also depends on how much time we invest in spending time outdoors.

However, I was still not able to find any kind of scientific explanation based on geographical differences. But, it’s a fact that the place where we live and the weather of that region play an important role in our seasonal preferences.

The Connection between Weather and Mood

As discussed above seasonal affective disorder, we can conclude that cold weather aka winters has a high influence on our mood but the fact is that dropping temperatures have an impact on our behavior as well.

In a study, I found that room temperatures are used for judging people as criminal suspects. This shows that temperature has a subtle impact on judgments we make to understand others’ personalities. Research also shows that if we hold a hot beverage, we are more likely to depict other people as personable or warmer. On the other hand, if we hold a cold beverage, we are more likely to depict other people as colder.

Understanding your Personality Based on Your Favorite Season

Now that we have established that there is a connection between weather and mood. We can easily determine your personality on the basis of which season you love the most. Are you ready to get your personality revealed?

Well, it’s quite simple, pick your favorite season and read about what your favorite season says about you!

1. Summer

what does Summer says about you

Whenever we think about summer, what comes directly into your mind? Long, warmer, bright days…right?  Well, if your favorite season is summer, you prefer to have an active lifestyle wherein you love going out. The warm days of summer depict the best time to travel which shows that you are an outgoing personality with a little bit of extrovertism, a warm personality, and a dash of assertiveness.

2. Fall

when your favorite season is fall

“My favorite season is fall!” I have heard this from a lot of people from different climatic regions. People who love fall say that their soul is wedded to fall and if they were a bird they would love to fly in the fall evenings.

Well, I must say that the fall season is full of opportunities; it provides a reason for a fresh start. The vibrant color of fall is full of positivity. If you also love fall, you hold a vibrant personality which means you are full of life, enthusiasm, and energy.

3. Spring

what if spring is your favorite season

Spring is different in various regions. In some parts of the world, spring is short with dark nights of summer and a little warm temperature along with greenery. If you are a spring person, know that you hold a craving for new experiences as the spring season provides you a chance for a fresh start after long cold nights.

4. Winter

what winters say about you

If chilly nights and snow amaze you, it means that you are someone who enjoys being at home with a warm and cozy blanket. It also shows that you are exceptionally introverted and you hold a strong desire to have some privacy. It also shows that you carry calmness along with your hot beverage.

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Now, we understand how our seasonal preferences reveal our personality. it is also important to understand that every individual has different preferences which are highly influenced by factors like location, availability, and more. Our preferences are based on those certain times of the year wherein we really enjoy being in the present moment.

I hope this blog helps you to understand what your favorite season says about you. Comment down and do tell us more about your favorite season and seasonal preferences. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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