Why Is Communication Important In A Relationship?

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Why Is Communication Important In A Relationship

Do you know what would have happened if communication did not exist? What if none of us could talk or express our feelings and thoughts? Life would have been a mess if we didn’t have any means to communicate our thoughts and feelings.

Communication is very important to lead a happy and healthy life. It plays a very important role in managing all aspects of life. Communication is an important part of any relationship but many of us do not know why communication is important in a relationship.

We get into a relationship (romantic or otherwise) . We give it our best in the beginning but slowly our efforts begin to fade. It can be because of various reasons like you’ve built a strong foundation or you have started taking the other for granted or anything for that matter.

Today, we are going to understand why communication is so important in a relationship and how you can improve communication in your relationship. But before that let’s get our basics straight…

What Do You Mean By Communication In A Relationship?

According to the definition of communication, it is a means to impart or exchange information from one source to another. However, when we talk about communication in a relationship, it is imparting and exchanging information but it’s more emotionally inclined.

Communication in relationships is all about how the other person is making you feel or how your relationship is affecting your life and many other things. Communication in a relationship is more about what’s being felt and less about information about your surroundings or what’s happening around you.

Communication in a relationship can be verbal or nonverbal, however, somehow non-verbal communication has been noticed to cause the most damage. The problems that lack of communication can cause are a lot more dangerous than anything else.

Anything like a peck or a hug and communicate a lot more than 1000 words. But sometimes you need to verbally communicate your feelings and thoughts so that there is no place for misunderstandings or misinterpretation of your actions.

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Why Is Communication Important In A Relationship?

Communication is the most important part of a relationship. It not only helps you maintain a healthy bond but also helps you understand each other better. A lack of communication only weakens your relationship.

Therefore, it is very important to understand what role communication plays in your life, especially our relationships. Let’s look at why communication is so important for our relationships;

1. Helps you understand each other better:

when you are honest with each other and communicate openly about your feelings, insecurities, happiness, etc. you get to know each other better. Communication in a relationship increases awareness of the other person’s likes and dislikes. It helps you know your partner better.

2. Clears misunderstandings:

when a relationship lacks communication it gives way to a lot of misunderstandings and problems in a relationship. Whereas when you engage in healthy and needed communication with each other, it leaves no space for miscommunication and misunderstandings.

3. Helps is set practical expectations:

when you are in a relationship with someone you obviously expect a lot from your partner. Sometimes these expectations are so high and out of your partner’s imagination. If you communicate with each other regularly you’ll know about your partner’s thoughts, opinions, and future plans. Therefore, you’ll be able to have realistic expectations.

4. Reduces conflicts:

Do you know the main reason for conflicts stretching for a long time? Not expressing your feelings and thoughts to your partner. If your partner doesn’t know how you are feeling, how on earth will they know what you need? Communication in relationships is very important because it can reduce conflicts by simply talking to each other.

5. Helps you build trust in the relationship:

Communication is very important in building trust in relationships. When you communicate with complete honesty, your partner gets to know you better. When you both know each other, it’s easier to predict each other’s behavior making it easy to trust each other.

6. Helps you strengthen your bond:

your bond might seem very strong at the beginning of your relationship but as the relationship grows older it seems to fade away. However, if you communicate your thoughts and feelings with each other, it helps you understand your partner better, making your bond even stronger.

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How To Improve Communication In A Relationship?

If you have read for far, I’m sure you won’t ask why communication is so important in a relationship anymore. Communication reduces the risk of so many complications, conflicts, and misunderstandings in a relationship.

Open communication is important in a relationship because it makes you feel safe with your partner. All insecurities fade away because actively communicating with one another gives you an idea of your partner’s thoughts and opinions.

However, even after knowing how important communication is for a relationship, we fail to communicate with our partners. If you have been struggling to have good and open communication in your relationship, worry no more!

Here are a few things you can try to improve communication in your relationship;

1. Make your communication honest & open:

make sure to always make your communication with your partner honest. Don’t simply talk about mundane things. Be more mindful while communicating, be it verbal or non-verbal. If something is bothering you, tell your partner, if something made you happy, articulate your happiness.

2. Know your communication style:

do you know how many types of communication styles there are? Broadly seeing there are 4 types of communication styles – passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive. Before you start working on improving your communication, begin with identifying your style and see if your communication style needs some improvement or not. The best communication style is known to be assertive.

3. Identify your partner’s needs:

all individuals have some core needs that need to be fulfilled all the time. Those needs might include safety, affection, commitment, etc. communication plays an important role in fulfilling such needs. You can base your communication on the needs of your partner. Such communication will make your partner feel safe in your relationship.

4. Make communication more than just talking:

when you are in a relationship you can communicate with each other in a lot of different ways. For example, notice when your partner is feeling uncomfortable or what makes your partner happy. In such situations, you can communicate your love and care by getting your partner out of uncomfortable situations or engaging in things that make them happy without them even asking, etc.

5. Take care of your partner:

non-verbal communication have the potential to make or break your relationship. Make sure you take care of your partner, it’s one of the best ways to communicate the feelings you have for them. For example, cook for them when they have a long day or take them on a relaxing weekend just to rejuvenate, etc.

7. Be present in your conversations:

it is very important to listen to what your partner is complaining about. I’m not saying you’re always at fault but sometimes we unknowingly hurt our partners by simply not listening to what they are saying. Always be present in your conversations and make it a two-way conversation.

8. Understand the emotions behind the words used:

it is important to always focus on the emotion rather than words. When one is feeling overwhelmed, it is difficult to choose the right word to say therefore never obsess over how things have been said but focus on why things have been said.

That’s All Folks!

I hope you found this blog about why communication is important i a relationship and how you can improve communication in your relationship interesting, helpful, and thought-provoking. Do share this blog with your friends and family so that we all know the importance of communication in our relationships.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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