Alpha v/s Beta! Are You An Alpha Male Or A Beta Male?

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Are You An Alpha Male Or A Beta Male
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When you hear the word alpha male, what comes to mind? A strong buff man whose muscles have muscles? A man with a dominant presence? Or a confident man popular among the ladies?

Now, when I say, beta male, what comes to your mind? A man with a slender frame, vulnerable to his emotions? A man who probably cowers under pressure? A man who is not a leader but a follower?

Well, you’re somewhat right. There are many myths and misconceptions when it comes to this socio-sexual hierarchy but there are also some truths. In the typical hierarchy, there are different types of males but the two who top the hierarchy are:

Alphas top the social hierarchy. They are confident, intimidating, and assertive. Alpha males display consistent calm and energy. They effortlessly enjoy power, success, love, and satisfaction. Why? Because they achieve mental, emotional, and spiritual potential in life.

Beta males, on the other hand, are followers of alpha males. Usually judged weak and submissive, they are considered the embodiment of “nice guy”. Betas have passive energy, are very easy-going, sensitive, and quiet.

But wait! There are some key differences between alpha males and beta males (yes, more than the above) that you should know about. Now that you know about the basic definition of alpha and beta males, it’s time you understand the key differences between their traits and personalities.

What Are The Difference Between Alpha Male v/s Beta Male

Alpha Male vs Beta Male

1. Confidence & Decision-Making

Alpha males ooze confidence and they are the ones who rarely second-guess their decisions. What’s the reason? Alpha males think their decisions through and the intent behind their intention is true and positive. Even when they make a mistake, they earn up to it and make sure they don’t repeat it.

Beta males, however, rely on others to make decisions. It’s not that they lack the control to make smart decisions, it’s just that they are often fearful of the consequences.

2. Assertiveness

Another alpha male trait is that they are assertive and often speak their mind. They are confident with their actions and their words. They know what they want or need, and are not scared to speak about it to others. Also, an alpha male knows what’s best, not because they are proud but they truly know what is the best choice.

Beta, on the other hand, lacks assertiveness. They are also the ones who have trouble saying “no” to others. Beta males, while not exactly pushovers, are still afraid to stand up for themselves.

3. Charismatic & Egoistic

Another personality trait of alpha males is that they are charismatic in whatever they do. They are capable of making light of their faults and are as smooth to move on to the next moment without faltering. Alpha males don’t take themselves too seriously. Why? The difference lies in self-respect and ego.

Ego can affect your actions. You must be able to look past yourself and see the bigger picture. Beta males have big egos that may end up harming them more than helping them. Beta try to compensate for what they might lack and this may make them look egoistic if they are not careful.

4. Leadership

Alphas are born leaders. They know how to play a room without looking overconfident or underconfident. They love the balance of power and they know how to wield that power. Their decisions are logical and rational when they need to be and emotional when they need to be.

Beta males are a follower, not a leader. They do not move first but wait for the leader to do so. Although, once they have a good leader, they will follow in their footsteps and be loyal to them.

5. Challenges & Insecurity

Alpha males are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. They love a good challenge and are not afraid to take on risks. This is one of the reasons why an alpha male may look dominant and possessive. They are smart, calculating, and resilient. Alphas don’t give up easily. That’s why they are considered competent to lead a pack.

Beta males usually seek validation from others. They rarely trust themselves and are highly insecure about themself and their place in the world. They are, however, aware of their insecurities and do not compete with others they know they’d lose to. Beta males do not find competition as appealing as alphas do.

6. Communication

Alpha males are direct and honest communicators. They hardly mince words and while their approach isn’t meant to harm others, they may sometimes come across as arrogant and rude. They don’t care much about others’ opinions. Alphas listen to all but do what their will and wisdom say.

Beta males find it difficult to communicate their needs and wants with others. They may find it challenging to talk about their insecurities with others too. Betas live in fear of being made fun of and while they are aware of their emotions, they may find it difficult to express them at times.

Writer’s Thoughts

Writer’s Thoughts

Sure, they are benefits of being an alpha male. I mean, women usually prefer to date alpha males over beta males but being beta is no curse, either. If you look closely, there are many traits of a beta male that are better than an alpha’s and vice versa.

Both types of males have their personality traits and pros as well as cons. They both compliment each other if you look at it. You cannot judge a man by his looks only either. Personality, characteristics, and of course, compatibility are important.

If you consider yourself a beta male or an alpha male, it doesn’t matter. What matters is you live the life you’re comfortable with! Be proud of your personality, be true to yourself! Because when you truly live the life you want with authenticity and pride, you’ll automatically become the man you’re supposed to!

I hope this article on alpha male vs beta male traits will help you understand a little more about yourself. If you have any queries, you can write to us at or DM us on social media. We’re always happy to hear from you!

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Be true to yourself. Be proud.

Take Care!

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