Do You Have A Beta Male Personality? Let’s Take A Look At Beta Male Traits

Last Update on September 9, 2022 : Published on August 27, 2021
Beta Male Personality traits

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “Beta Male” and I’m sure you know that according to the socio-sexual hierarchy, the beta males rank second (right below Alpha Males) but did you know that beta males are more likely to maintain the balance between the alpha and the rest of the men?

A loyal and fierce (in their own way), beta males are the ones responsible for maintaining the peace in the hierarchy and they are also the ones who are more reserved and play safe than others.

However, beta males have low self-esteem and they also lack confidence but this doesn’t make them weak, lazy, or less than alpha males.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of some personality traits of a beta male. Let’s check them out and I hope by the end of this article you’ll be able to understand if you’re a beta male or not…

But first…

Who Is A Beta Male Personality?

beta mail traits

Beta males are followers of alpha men. Beta males base their lives on the values and visions of others. Beta males, while followers of alphas have nothing whatsoever to do with physical strengths, health, or even success.

Even seemingly alpha males can have a beta male personality. Beta personality is not necessarily a bad personality trait. You need to remember that beta males are loyal, fierce, and an ally to others.

Beta males may lack initiative and seek external validation, however, what others don’t realize is that beta males are confident, friendly, and always value leadership.

Let’s understand some beta male personality traits!

What Are The Characteristics Of A Beta Male

Here are some common characteristics of a beta male:

1. They Rely On Others To Make Decisions

They Rely On Others To Make Decisions

One of the most common traits of a beta male is that they rely on others to make their decisions. It’s not that beta males lack the control to make choices, it’s just that they are often scared of the consequences their choices may have. This may often end up them being someone others think they should be instead of who they want them to be.

2. They Are Friendly (And Are Friend-Zoned More Often)

A word to describe beta can be friendly. Beta males are friendly and because of their “too nice” personalities, they often end up in the friend zone. Sure, beta males have insecurities and are often vulnerable but they might come off as safe that may end up them being friend-zoned by potential love interests.

3. They Have Trouble Saying ‘NO’

Betas have trouble saying ‘no’ to others. Because of this trait, they are always sacrificing their time or energy on things they don’t want to do. Beta males have trouble standing up for themselves and while they are not exactly pushovers, they are often treated in such ways. Because of their inability to say no, they are often undervalued.

4. They Are Loyal To A Fault

Loyal is another word that describes a beta male perfectly. Beta males appreciate the purpose, the validation, working for or under alpha leadership gives them. Betas are empathetic, supportive, loyal, and fiercely protective of others.

5. They Respect Leadership

They Respect Leadership

Beta males are the intermediaries between alpha males and the rest of the males on the hierarchy. They take orders from alphas and make sure the orders are carried out. While betas respect their leaders, they don’t want or desire the alpha role. They appreciate and respect leadership roles (and the ones in them) but are best suited as followers than leaders.

6. They Lack Confidence

In a social situation, a beta male will avoid eye contact and may also experience anxiety. Lack of eye contact can be because of the lack of confidence in a beta male. Not maintaining eye contact during a conversation may make a beta male look insincere.

7. They Have A Big Ego

Beta males have a big ego that may end up doing more harm than good. They care more about others’ words and opinions than their own. This may cause them to play up to compensate for what they lack. A beta male may also get offended if anyone questions them and their skills.

8. They Are A Follower, Not A Leader

Beta males rank second on the hierarchy and that makes them a follower, not a leader. Beta males do not move first, they wait for others to do so. Once they have a good leadership role model, they will follow in their footsteps. As on the scale, beta males often live under the shadow of an alpha male.

9. They Feel Insecure

As I said before, beta males seek external validation. Because of this they rarely trust themselves and are highly insecure in their relationships, job, or other aspects of their life. They believe they don’t have enough skills to be successful. Because of their self-doubts, they rely on others to make decisions for them.

10. They Always Play Safe & Avoid Taking Risks

They Always Play Safe & Avoid Taking Risks

Beta always play safe. They don’t work outside the box, which may seem too risky. As they lack self-worth and confidence, this “being safe” may not help them move ahead in their personal or professional life. Beta males are afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

11. They Have Poor Communication Skills

Beta males may also find it difficult to communicate their needs with others and while they are aware of their insecurities, they may find it difficult to talk about their insecurities with others. They live in fear of being made fun of. Beta males are aware of their emotions but may find it difficult to express them.

12. They Are Open With Their Emotions

I’m not saying that alpha males are not aware of their emotions, however, they don’t openly express them as beta males do. Showing emotions is not a sign of weakness but a sign that you are aware of your feelings and emotions. Alpha males tend to not understand this but beta males do. They are amazing pillars of emotional security and availability.

13. They Are Not Competitive

They Are Not Competitive

Beta men have their insecurities but they’re aware of them. They play safe but are not competitive. A beta male knows how to treat others and never takes on a challenge against something (or someone). They are aware of their skills and weaknesses and as they are continuously challenged by others in their world, they don’t find competing as appealing as alphas do.

14. They Are Quiet But Comfortable In Their Skin

Many people believe that beta males are lazy and boring. That their life isn’t as exciting as an alpha’s. Wrong! Sure, beta males are introverts and maybe quiet in social situations but when they talk about something they are passionate about, they become confident. Beta males do not hide their insecurities and are quite comfortable in their skin (and skills).

15. They Are Trustworthy & Reliable

It is an essential quality if you ask me. A beta male is the one on whom the others rely when it comes to emotional support. Sure, alpha males are also reliable but when it comes to emotional support, alpha males may feel suffocated. A beta male you can rely on to share your secrets and rely on for emotional support.

My Thoughts on Beta Male

Regardless of where you are on the hierarchy, remember to live your life with pride. Being true to yourself is the best course of action and when you live authentically, you’ll become the person you’re capable of being!

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Live life to the fullest, fellas!

Take Care!

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