How To Live Life By Staying True To Yourself

How To Live Life By Staying True To Yourself

We often try to mold ourselves in the image of what others think and in the process we forget how to stay true to yourselves. From an early age, we learn to be someone our parents want us to be, and it is normal to lose ourselves in the process

We are constantly told how to sit, how to talk, and how to act in front of others. It is our thinking that now when someone asks us how are we; we take that question not as serious and deep. Our reply is mostly; “I’m good”, or “I’m fine”- even though we don’t necessarily mean that.

It has become a habit of sorts, to hide our true persona and present ourselves as a completely different person to others. In that process, we somehow lose our true selves behind. What would it be like if we could just be ourselves? Our true self, without a mask to shadow us? We would be celebrated and respected as we truly are? Imagine living in a world where we are accepted – flaws and all – without hiding from others and ourselves.

Feeling positive

Feeling positive in today’s chaotic world doesn’t seem easy. Saying “I’m fine” when you clearly aren’t can be harmful to your mental and emotional wellbeing. This false positivity prevents us from feeling confident and authentic to ourselves.

Acknowledging and accepting our feelings as they are can be really helpful. When we accept our feelings for what they are, we are admitting the problem causing those feelings and react to find a solution. Hiding those emotions and feelings would not help you feel better instead it will make you feel dejected.

It may sound difficult to do but once you are courageous enough to accept your true self, you will find yourself becoming more confident and assertive in the actions you will take. Each of us is unique and has an individuality to our name. Be respectful and polite about the opinions of others but don’t act on it if it will change who you are. That decision is yours and yours only.

Signs you are NOT True to Yourself

Signs you are NOT true to yourself

Here are some signs you need to be on the lookout for if you are lying to yourself:

  • You feel cornered
  • You feel like you are not listened to
  • You feel all alone
  • You fake smile to hide your feelings
  • You are changing yourself to according to others’ opinions
  • You are fixated with gaining the approval of others
  • You are basing your self-worth on others’ opinions
  • You are rarely happy and/or constantly sad
  • You find no joy in doing things that once made you happy
  • You are exhausted and are “snappy” all the time

Signs you ARE True To Yourself

Signs you ARE true to yourself

Here are some signs you need to look for if you are being true to yourself:

  • You are not afraid to stand up for yourself and accept your responsibilities
  • You look forward to deep and meaningful conversations rather than small talk
  • You like taking risks and experimenting with life and are not afraid to fail
  • You listen to your intuition to make decisions and you trust your gut
  • You are aware of your feelings for yourself and admit when you are wrong
  • You are mindful of your fears but you don’t let those fears rule your heart
  • You look at the world from a different perspective than others
  • You experience the life around you and find joy in those small moments
  • You are not afraid to tackle a problem
  • You are grounded and want to be surrounded by nature and life
  • You find it easy to express emotions
  • You are happily pursuing your dreams and future
  • You don’t get affected by negativity and are open-minded
  • You are truthful to yourself and others
  • You believe in yourself and enjoy your own company

express emotions

Ways You Can Be True to Yourself

1. Embrace Yourself

When you are true to yourself, you start accepting the little things about you and gain a lot more confidence in your abilities. You need to understand that whatever it is you’re feeling is okay.

You need to accept your vulnerabilities and own up to who you truly are. Be authentic and confident in yourself. Ask yourself; how are you feeling, really? Be brave and courageous and answer truthfully.

2. Change your Attitude

When we are faced with a change, we lose the ability to stay in charge. When you take charge of your attitude, you become more aware of your surroundings.

Instead of focusing on the “should” and “what ifs” focus on the present and change your attitude and view all the possibilities. Change is inevitable but with a positive attitude, you can choose to see the silver lining and do good for yourself and others around you.

3. Do What Makes You Happy

To be someone who is true to oneself, you need to be able to feel confident in doing what you love and what makes you happy without fearing judgment from others. You need to realize that you are enough and you are important. Just be your original self and find joy in doing what you like in your heart.

4. Learn To Forgive

We all make mistakes every now and then but what some of us fail to do is to forgive ourselves for those mistakes. Letting go of anger and betrayal for yourself is Important to feel free and live the life you deserve. If you fail, learn to not blame yourself for those failures. Accept them and try to learn from them,

5. Learn To Say “NO”

Many of us are scared of what others think and we automatically say “yes” to things even if we don’t want to. This choice of “yes” can leave you feeling exhausted and used. Learn to say a respectable and polite “no”.

Self-worth can only be understood if you truly know your worth. Don’t be a pushover and don’t be too assertive either. Understand when to draw a line and negotiate but don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.

love yourself

When you are truly yourself, you become a kinder and gentler person. By acknowledging your emotions and feeling, you don’t become weak but more strong and acceptable of others as they are. When you start living for yourself, you start to experience passion and purpose in life.

Being your true self in this world of “fake self” can be hard but by learning how to live and love yourself, you get to experience the vibrancy and colors of life.

“Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself.” – Richard Bach

My mantra to staying true to myself:

Try everything, take what you need, trust yourself.

Tease life, be mindful and stay true to who you are.

Stay happy, stay healthy, and keep smiling!

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