BetterHelp Vs. Talkspace: Comparing The Leading Online Therapy Platforms

Last Update on February 29, 2024 : Published on December 31, 2020
which is better between talkspace and betterhelp

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In recent times the people are proactively seeking help from mental health professionals through online therapy platforms. While many online therapy platforms are now available just a tap away, the two most commonly used platforms are BetterHelp and Talkspace. People often can not decide which platform shall they sign up for.

So, we are here to offer some help!

We are going to compare the two leading online therapy platforms BetterHelp and Talkspace, on different grounds. This will help you understand them holistically and further guide you to choose the best one for your healing process.

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Let us start…

BetterHelp vs. Talkspace: Sign Up Process

BetterHelp: The signup process for BetterHelp starts with filling up an assessment form wherein you will be asked about the issues that concern you and the ones that you wish to get resolved through therapy. You are also asked about your system therapy preferences along with basic demographic details.

The assessment process is automated and after its completion, you are matched with your counselor. On average the matching is done within 48 hours or even less.

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Talkspace: Unlike BetterHelp, the sign-up process at Talkspace is through live chat (not automated). Herein, a therapist in person asks you questions, evaluates your responses, and further guides you with the sign-up process. After finishing the sign-up process you are given an option to choose between three therapists.

Verdict: BetterHelp takes in-depth analysis before assigning a therapist and Talkspace offers a more personal touch through its sign-up process.

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BetterHelp vs. Talkspace: Pricing Difference

BetterHelp: Subscriptions as low as $65/week billed every 4 weeks. Depending on the plan that you wish to opt for your pricing will vary. Each plan includes a live session and text messaging.

Talkspace: The basic plan of Talkspace starts with $65 a week (without any live sessions included). If you wish to opt for a live session, then you have to subscribe to an expensive plan that might cost you $99 per week.

Here is a detailed review of the pricing of both the platforms:

BetterHelp (where your committee decides the price of the plan)

Subscriptions as low as $65/week billed every 4 weeks and it is based on your location, preferences, and therapist availability.

Talkspace (where the plan differs based on features it offers)

1. Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus

This plan includes text, video & audio messaging. No live sessions are included, but your therapist responds daily, 5 days per week.

  • Billed each month: $260 (equivalent weekly cost of $60)
  • Billed every 3 months: $708 (equivalent weekly cost of $54)
  • Billed every 6 months: $1248 (equivalent weekly cost of $48)

2. Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium

The premium plan includes everything the lower-priced plan includes, along with one live session each month. The live session will be about 30 minutes in duration.

  • Billed each month: $316 (equivalent weekly cost of $73)
  • Billed every 3 months: $852 (equivalent weekly cost of $65)
  • Billed every 6 months: $1512 (equivalent weekly cost of $58)

3. Unlimited Messaging Therapy Ultimate

This plan includes four live sessions per month (with the same 30-minute duration).

  • Billed each month: $396 (equivalent weekly cost of $91)
  • Billed every 3 months: $1068 (equivalent weekly cost of $82)
  • Billed every 6 months: $1896 (equivalent weekly cost of $73)

Verdict: The price of both the online therapy platforms are by and large the same although the criteria differ widely.

BetterHelp vs. Talkspace: Mode of Communication With The Therapist

BetterHelp: You can connect with your therapist via text messages, live chat, live phone sessions, and live video calls (irrespective of the plan that you opt for).

Talkspace: In the basic plan, you can connect with your therapist through unlimited messaging alone. Although the messages may include pre-recorded video and audio messages. In premium plans, you get the option of a live face-to-face video session. The platform doesn’t offer phone therapy sessions in any plan.

Verdict: BetterHelp has the upper hand here, as it offers both phone chat and video chat options even in its basic plan.

BetterHelp vs Talkspace: Feasibility of Changing The Therapist

BetterHelp: You can switch your therapist as many times as you want from the 6 therapist options that the platform displays in front of you. The process is easy and hassle-free.

Talkspace: The platform does offer the option to change your therapist but does not allow you to choose from its 2,000+ therapists. So while you can put the request you don’t have a say here.

Verdict: Both the platforms offer hassle-free options for changing the therapist. BetterHelp allows you to choose your therapist while Talkspace has this feature automated.

BetterHelp vs Talkspace: Apps and Device Support

Both online therapy platforms are available for iPhone users and Android users. You can download the app or use their website to avail the online counseling services that they have to offer.

Verdict: Both platforms are easily available and are user-friendly.

BetterHelp vs. Talkspace: Therapist Qualifications

BetterHelp: BetterHelp has a team of experts who are trained, licensed, and experienced in their field. The team of 12,000+ experts is guaranteed to be accredited psychologists, licensed counselors, clinical social workers, or marriage and family therapy. They hold either a Doctorate or Masters Degree in their field. They have a minimum experience of 3 years and 1,000 hours of hands-on experience. Most importantly, they are certified by the state’s professional board.

Talkspace: The team of Talkspace has 2,000+ mental health professionals in it. They are licensed, trained, and have at least 2,000 hours of clinical experience. They meet the essential formal education and training criteria. In addition to this, they are trained in different therapies like CBT, DBT, Psychodynamic, ACT, and more.

Verdict: Team of experts available on both platforms is well-equipped.

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BetterHelp vs. Talkspace: Other Differences

Age: Minimum age requirement to join BetterHelp is 18 years old. If you are any younger than this then you can either use their Teen Counseling app or have your parent or legal guardian create a teenage account for you. In the case of Talkspace, the minimum age to avail of its services is 13 years.

Psychiatry: BetterHelp doesn’t have a team of psychiatrists as of now that offer medical treatment. However, in the case of Talkspace, they do offer psychiatry services. The sessions with psychiatrists take place over live video chat and can cost around $199. For follow-ups, it can charge you nearly $125.

Mode of Payment: They both offer the same mode of payment. This includes credit card options and PayPal.

Commitment: BetterHelp services can be availed every week through weekly subscriptions. In the case of Talkspace, you will require long-term commitment as you are billed monthly.

Free-Trial: BetterHelp And Talkspace does not offer that feature as of now.

Discount: CalmSage as a BetterHelp affiliate offers 20% off on the first month of therapy whereas CalmSage as a Talkspace affiliate offers $85 off on the first month of therapy

Feature BetterHelp Talkspace
Pricing Subscriptions as low as $65/week billed every 4 weeks. and it is based on your location, preferences, and
therapist availability.
$80 weekly
Services Offered text messages, live chat, live phone sessions, and live video calls.

Unlimited text messages (basic plan).

Live chat, and live video calls (premium plan).

(No phone call sessions available).

Age 18 years. 13 years.
Free-trial NA NA
Psychiatric Services NA Available. Will be charged differently.
Cancellation Policy Available Available
Sign-up Process Automated In-person (over video call).
Switching the Therapist You get to choose from the shortlisted ones. Automated

So which online therapy platform should you opt for?

Different people have different needs, concerns, and agendas that they wish to resolve through therapy. From the above analysis, one point is clear that both the online platforms have their own pros and cons to offer.

Therefore, if you have to choose between the two, we would recommend you to take the three C’s into consideration. As the qualification of therapists and usability of the platforms are the same so that won’t be a matter of confusion. Let us see what these three C’s are.

  • C: Cause: What are the reasons that you are seeking therapy for? If they have any medical need attached to them, then you may choose Talkspace for its psychiatric services. But if the reasons can be resolved through effective coping strategies, then BetterHelp and Talkspace stand on the same ground.
  • C: Commitment: If you can commit to therapy for the short-term, then BetterHelp is a better choice. However, if you want a complete healing process, then you have to opt for a long-term commitment. This is available on both platforms.
  • C: Cost: In the pricing section, you can clearly see the difference between the cost of both platforms. Depending on the two C’s discussed above, you can evaluate the costing and choose one platform.

We hope that this post will help you make the right choice while choosing an online therapy platform to begin your healing journey.

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Do share with us in the comments section which online therapy platform you would prefer. And if you have used any of these two leading online therapy services do share your experience with us in the comments.

Thank you for reading!!!

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