Anxiety is a common issue nowadays and can have physical, social, and psychological effects. Our posts are here to help you know your anxiety and how you can cope with it

Doomscrolling Can Worsen Your Anxiety

Doomscrolling Can Worsen Your Anxiety: Here’s Tips To Stop Doomscrolling!

So much has happened in recent years - from the global pandemic to the war…

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The Hidden Anxiety: How to Identify Subconscious Anxiety And Cope With It?

That weird sense of uneasiness, that low-grade simmering tension ready to boil over for no…

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First Date Anxiety – What Is It And How To Overcome It

Does going on a first date make you anxious and nervous? If so, you are…

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When Your Anxiety Won’t Quit: Managing Treatment-Resistant Anxiety

I live with anxiety, but the weirdest thing is that whenever I feel that I’m…

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12 Practical Tips to Help Someone With Agoraphobia

Living with agoraphobia can be a challenge in itself, where even taking one step outside…

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Sleep Anxiety

Keep Calm & Sleep Tight: Your Guide to Beating Sleep Anxiety

Have you ever felt frustrated with just the idea of going to bed? And I’m…

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What Is a Preoccupied Attachment Style?

Preoccupied attachment style (also known as anxious preoccupied attachment style) is a type of insecure…

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benefits of being Shy Person

Are You Shy? Let’s Take A Look At The Benefits Of Being Shy

A lot of people asked me… is being shy a bad thing or attractive? Before…

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How does Social Anxiety Affect the Brain

How does Social Anxiety Affect the Brain

The type of anxiety that induces embarrassment and extreme fear in social situations is called…

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