Anxiety is a common issue nowadays and can have physical, social, and psychological effects. Our posts are here to help you know your anxiety and how you can cope with it


What Is a Preoccupied Attachment Style?

Preoccupied attachment style (also known as anxious preoccupied attachment style) is a type of insecure…

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benefits of being Shy Person

Are You Shy? Let’s Take A Look At The Benefits Of Being Shy

A lot of people asked me… is being shy a bad thing or attractive? Before…

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How does Social Anxiety Affect the Brain

How does Social Anxiety Affect the Brain

The type of anxiety that induces embarrassment and extreme fear in social situations is called…

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Can Anxiety Cause a Loss of Appetite?

Eating healthy and nutritious food is recommended to keep the body nourished. Yet when people…

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Anxiety and High IQ

High IQ, High Anxiety: Can Intelligence Affect Anxiety Disorders?

Feeling anxious – from time to time – is quite normal, especially when you’re starting…

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Sleep Deprivation and Anxiety: Can Lack of Sleep Cause Anxiety?

We’ve all been there; the tossing and turning in bed, in the middle of the…

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The 3-3-3 Rule For Anxiety

The 333 Rule For Anxiety: What Is It And How It Helps

Imagine you’re sitting in your room, relaxing, then out of nowhere your palms begin to…

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Anxiety After Eating

Anxiety After Eating: Exploring Its Triggers And How to Manage It

Anxiety is something that never leaves you alone and can come back to haunt you…

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Why do People With Anxiety Shake

Why Anxiety Makes You Shake And Shiver (With Tips to Stop Anxiety Shaking)

When I’m anxious, one of the common symptoms I experience is trembling and shivering. When…

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