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Podcast Ep. 07 – Emotional Intelligence In Everyday Life

Humans are emotional beings. For every circumstance, we portray an emotion, which is quite normal?…

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Podcast Ep. 06- Expectations vs. Reality

“Expectations are premeditated resentments”.  I personally feel that this quote is useful and actually practical…

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Podcast Ep. 4 “Best Ways to Practice Self-Care Every Day (Because You Deserve It)”

Self-Care is in Vogue! On Insta feeds, blogs & all lifestyle magazines, everywhere the term…

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End of Heartache Overcoming Heartbreaks Relationship Failures

Podcast Ep. 3 “End of Heartache: Overcoming Heartbreaks & Relationship Failures”

Heartbreak and relationship failures shall not pull you back in your life. You might lose…

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Podcast Ep. 2 “Reclaim Your Life: Types Of Addictions & How To Overcome Them”

There are various types of addiction and many people are coming into the grip of…

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My Covid 19 Experience

Podcast Ep. 39 – What I Learned from My Covid 19 Experience

COVID - 19 has had a deep impact on our lives. It sure changed the…

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Finding The Courage To Change Your Life

Podcast Ep. 40 –Finding The Courage To Change Your Life. You’ve Got This!

Have you ever wondered what is change? What does ‘change’ mean to you? What do…

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Key To Strong Relationship

Podcast Ep. 17 – They Key To Strong Relationship

Relationships make our life beautiful. They help us grow and stand still during the difficult…

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Overthinking Affects Your Mental Health

Podcast Ep. 16 – How Overthinking Affects Your Mental Health?

We have thoughts, ideas and various unstoppable scenarios on our mind. There is nothing wrong…

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