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Are You Numbing Yourself To Your Emotions

Podcast Ep. 32- Are You Numbing Yourself To Your Emotions

Emotional numbness is when you shut yourself and lock your emotions away deep down inside you. This…

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Hate Being Without Your Phone You Might Have NOMOPHOBIA.

Podcast Ep. 31– Hate Being Without Your Phone? You Might Have NOMOPHOBIA

I can’t live without you! It seems ages have been passed since hearing these words…

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Podcast Ep. 30 – Emotionally Detach Yourself

A quick fact – “If you are over-involved emotionally with someone you become so focused…

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Podcast Ep. 29 – Learning About ADHD: Understanding The Struggle

The struggle is real. Tagging each and every one as a “Lazy” person is not…

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How to forget someone you once loved deeply

Podcast Ep. 28 – How To Forget Someone You Once Loved Deeply

We often come across the phrase “it is easy to fall in love but difficult…

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When you feel like giving up

Podcast Ep. 27 – When You Feel Like Giving Up!

You have tried everything you could to shine in your career, tried everything to make…

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Productivity Anxiety

Podcast Ep. 26 – Is Productivity Anxiety A Thing

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” ~…

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Stay Happy When The World Is In Depression

Podcast Ep. 25 -How to Stay Happy When The World Is In Depression

The world is in turmoil over the past few months. It has seen everything -…

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Podcast Ep. 24- How To Deal With COVID Anxiety?

When the world is facing the pandemic an alarming rate of increase in mental health…

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