Astonishing Health Benefits Of Hugging! P.S- You’re Special!

“I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words- Ann Hood” Hugs are awesome, they are full of compassion and warmth that could be felt by one...

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What is Toxic Positivity and How To Avoid It?

The term ‘Positivity’ itself seems very vibrating unless toxicity is introduced in the same section. Let’s look at a scenario here. During COVID-19, many people have tried to promote ‘Stay Po...

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30+ Inspirational Quotes That Make Your Mood Instantly Better

No matter how low you are at the moment, some motivational quotes can fill you up replenished energy and even mold your thoughts towards future plans. These encouraging quotes can not just make you fe...

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Psychopath vs Sociopath: What’s The Difference?

While working in the office, chilling at the cafe or attending any family function, I have observed different traits of people. Like, have you ever watched the movie “Joker”, mentally troubled com...

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What Is Positive Parenting & Why Does it Matter?

What Is Positive Parenting? Positive Parenting is an approach built on communication & mutual respect. It means, as a parent, we should handle our children as individuals & not take them as o...

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11 Benefits of Dance in Mental Health

Do you feel demotivated or empty or do you miss your old self? We totally understand the stress of working under pressure, studying the whole day to improve your grades, or taking care of your family ...

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Ways To Find Happiness After Depression

Won the battle against depression? What now? Thinking how to find your way to happiness and pleasure again? Well, there are various ways through which you can again feel the pleasure of life. ...

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4 Ways To Master Unhappy Emotions

There are times when you get this sudden wave of unhappy emotions in your life. It can be a reaction to an event or can be caused by the long self dwelling thought process. The way you look at it now ...

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