5 Reasons Why Life Is Complicated: Ways To Stop Complicating It Further

Last Update on June 4, 2021 : Published on June 6, 2021
Why Life Is Complicated

“Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated.” ~Confucius

It is true that recent years of pandemic have changed our lives upside down and many of our choices are taken away from us. Apart from this, we usually hold ourselves accountable for things that are not going as we planned and call that our life is complicated.

However, this is the moment to take a pause, breathe and relax. It is because our tendency to complicate life due to panic situations doesn’t allow us to think right.

So what are the other reasons why we feel that life is complicated? Let’s figure out how to stop this complication and check out the life lessons of the Dalai Lama side by side.

Reasons Why Is Life So Complicated

1. We Focus On Complexity More Than Simplicity

We have a tendency to become anxious whenever there is a major shift in life and focus on the changes more than how these changes can be smoothly incorporated into the routine.

For example, a pandemic made our daily activities outside the home very difficult but instead of focusing on making it easy, most of us were cursing the situation without maintaining calm or finding solutions patiently.

This complexity is also known as complexity bias as we ignore 90% of easy solutions and get stuck in 10% of complexity when exposed to huge amounts of information.

2. Worrying Constantly

Do you realize that when we worry constantly about something or are stressed, we let our precious energy drain uselessly. If you worry more and overthink about a combination of certain things, you end up complicating life.

In such cases, you must try to indulge in breathing exercises, journaling, listening to music, meditating, etc. rather than thinking that life is complicated.

3. Trying To Control Everything

Another way to make our life complicated is to control everything around us. Whether we have a fear of not letting something happen or losing someone we love, the truth is that we cannot control the complexity of the world. It is necessary to break from the cycle of fear and carry a positive outlook with high acceptance power.

4. Depending On Others For Our Happiness

Holding our happiness based on others’ actions is just ruining your present, believe it. Understand that happiness comes from within and losing yourself in this race could only be harmful for your well-being. If you are unhappy because of your partner/spouse or relatives then it’s time to look within yourself.

5. Toxic & Dramatic People

If you have dramatic or toxic people in your life who just like to create drama then we believe your life is going through an emotionally exhausting phase. Avoid toxic relationships or simply stop reacting towards such people so that you can escape from the trap of negativity. Once you do so, life is easier to navigate for yourself.

Ways To Stop Complicating Life

After learning the reasons why life is complicated, you must have understood a few ways to ease it by yourself. Although let us help you a little more and tell you how to uncomplicate life from now on.

1. Live your life honestly as some of the major reasons for complication are lying, cheating, stealing or doing something to benefit only oneself. If honesty is not kept in mind, it can only lead you worrying about getting caught and losing what you gained through improper means.

2. Clear communication is another way to remove complexity. A lot of people are still not aware of the fact that straightforward communication can save you from any problem like misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

3. Avoid being materialistic because society norms are all about quantity, which are obviously much hyped. Rather than running after money and fancy things, focus on the quality of friends and experiences.

4. Avoid changing people because you just cannot do so. The easier you accept how people are, the better your life becomes. You can either decide to be with a certain person or avoid their company but make sure that plans to change them goes away.

5. Procrastination is a huge stressor as it piles up the work so much that you end up leaving even many important things. This is why you have to make sure that your work is scheduled, have a to-do list and possess proper deadlines.

6. Say NO and be prepared to say no to things that are either not possible for you or you are just not interested in it. If you keep saying yes to everyone, you end up disappointing yourself. Hence, focus on opportunities that can actually make it worth it and show you a side of happiness.

7. Realize that you are a work in progress and you will keep progressing and changing with every passing day. But if you think you are not good enough during the process of change, you are missing out on the importance of your hard work. And with that, you are also complicating your life for a longer run.


We believe that you have understood the reasons why your life is complicated as well as figured out how to uncomplicate your life without worrying about random issues. Are you ready to ease your life and enjoy it with the easiest solutions?

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