Suicide Prevention

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PCOS May Be Linked With Higher Suicide Rates, A Study Finds!

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome more commonly known as PCOS is a hormonal disorder that affects millions…

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Suicide Prevention Month 2021

Observing World Suicide Prevention Day 2024: Creating Hope Through Action

World Suicide Prevention Day, observed on the 10th of September every year, is a worldwide…

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What is Suicide Pact: Types & Prevention

A suicide pact is formed when a group of people decides to commit suicide together.…

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Suicide Contagion: What Is It & How To Prevent It?

You must know of many diseases that are contagious but did you know suicide can…

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What is Suicidal Ideation

Suicidal Ideation Or Suicidal Thoughts: Symptoms, Causes, Coping Tips, And More

Before starting with this informative article, please read the contact information given in the box…

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988 Crisis Helpline

988 Crisis Helpline: What To Expect When You Call A Suicide Hotline

One of the biggest public mental health concerns is suicide ideation and suicide. Especially when…

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How To Identify Suicidal Behavior In Teens (Warning Signs)

Did you know suicide is one of the reasons which causes the most about of…

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DON’T Feel Helpless!

Get Help Now – Resources For Crisis & Immediate Help

As per some immensely grim statistics by the World Health Organization, one person takes his…

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Prevent Your Friends From Crossing That Line: 10 Signs Someone’s Contemplating Suicide

Did you know there is a suicide being committed every 40 seconds? Can you imagine…

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