Top 10 Wellness Trends You Have To Try In 2024

Last Update on December 27, 2023 : Published on January 2, 2022
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The last two years have been a crazy rollercoaster ride, to say the least. Not only did 2021 and 2022 teach us the value of togetherness but they also taught us how important it is to take care of our health and wellness – body, mind, and soul.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic demanded we stay at home, many people took this opportunity to focus on self-exploration and self-reflection while others tried to embrace healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Wellness not only means caring for your body or mind. Wellness includes taking care of many different aspects; emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual.

In this blog, let’s take a look at some of the top health, wellness, and lifestyle trends that you can (and should) follow in 2022.

Top 10 Health And Wellness Trends 2024

1. Mindful Eating

Oh the temptation and lure of the refrigerator every few minutes is too much to resist, isn’t it? Well, this temptation can be unhealthy if we don’t keep our eating habits in check. In this new year, let’s shift our wellness mindset to mindful eating.

Mindful eating is not about following a strict diet but it’s about being aware of what you’re eating. Mindful eating is not a diet but simply a meditation-based lifestyle habit and this wellness trend can help you fight depression, unhealthy eating habits, cravings, eating disorders, and more!

2. Virtual Fitness

Now that everything – from work meetings to fitness classes is online, let’s take advantage of them. Virtual fitness is another 2024 wellness and lifestyle trend that you should follow. I agree that mental fitness is important but poor physical health can also affect your mental and emotional health.

In 2024, try to move online. Virtual classes – whether they be yoga, Zumba, or aerobics – can offer community support and controlled instructions. Plus, virtual classes are always affordable and convenient!

3. Mindfulness + Breathwork

Meditation, mindfulness, and deep breathing are only a few wellness and lifestyle trends that I’ve observed have risen in popularity in 2024. Why not continue these practices into the new year? With our daily stress and anxiety, it can be impossible to think about spending 10-15 minutes alone but deep breathing and mindfulness are exercises you can practice anywhere, anytime.

As a wellness trend in 2024, make mindfulness and breathwork your norm. Take time to pull yourself out of your stress or anxiety and get back to the present.

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3. Healthy Sleep Hygiene

Routine is important and with our homes being our workspace for more than 20 months, it’s normal to feel a little off-balance. Many people (including myself) struggled with getting a good night’s sleep. Many people either overslept or didn’t get enough sleep.

Sleep is important for our mental and emotional health so in 2024, let’s make healthy sleep hygiene a trend and create a healthy bedtime routine. Learn more about circadian rhythms, sleep quality, and the impact of sleep deprivation on our health.

4. Mental Wellness

If I’ve learned something in the last two years is to not ignore my mental health, at all. Did you know that ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have started to talk and share more about the importance of mental health? Many people, even today, struggle with depression, anxiety, and post-pandemic anxiety.

As a healthy lifestyle trend, let’s continue to speak up about the importance of mental health. If you’re not feeling okay, it’s OK to reach out for help, seek therapy, or take a mental health day.

6. Nature Outings

Yes, we’ve been stuck inside our homes for the last two years and with more time spent indoors, our health (mind and body) has been neglected. Did you know that spending time in nature can boost our mood, reduce stress, and lower the risk of anxiety? Well, as a wellness trend, I’m going to try to spend my time outdoors as much as possible.

You can try this wellness trend too. Start gardening, playing sports, or just going on a morning walk every day.

7. Stress Trackers

Stress and anxiety are becoming more and more common these days. Many people have now realized the effect of stress on their minds and bodies. Where fitness trackers were considered cool before the pandemic hit, these days mood trackers are the talk of the town.

With mood trackers, you can easily keep track of your stress levels and gain insight into your daily stressors. In 2024, embrace the wellness trend of keeping your stress levels in check.

8. Telehealth

Struggling to find affordable healthcare in 2022 and 2023 wasn’t easy and let’s face it, going out of your safe zone wasn’t preferable. In 2024, embrace telehealth as your new wellness routine. With virtual and online therapy, you can book your sessions easily and attend those sessions from the comfort (and safety!) of your home.

These days, you can find mental health professionals, doctors, life coaches, sleep specialists, and more online.

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9. Decluttering

A cluttered space equals a messy mindset. In 2024, you can focus on decluttering as a wellness habit. Don’t just focus on spring cleaning, make decluttering a year-long habit.

Decluttering can be therapeutic too! In the new year, allow yourself to be creative with your personal space. Engage in DIY home decor or create a cozy home free of clutter.

 10. Financial Wellness

Taking care of your finances also counts as wellness. In the last two years, many people struggled with unemployment, financial stress, and money crunch. Whatever happened, financial wellness was more or less ignored in the last year.

In 2024, let’s take a pledge to care and become aware of our financial health so that if we face any uncertainty again, we’ll have a safety net to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

I hope in 2024, these health and wellness trends will help you keep your mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial health in check. Which wellness trend are you looking forward to trying in 2024? Let us know in the comments below!

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Have a happy and healthy 2024!

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