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Hurting Emotionally? Try These 7 Practical Ways To Deal With Emotional Pain

In our lives, there are times when we feel hurt - either by our circumstances…

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Creative Self-Expression

Exploring Creative Self-Expression (And Its Importance In Our Well-Being)

Creativity is what separates humans from other world creatures. Whether it be dancing, singing, dressing…

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Understanding emotions inside out

Understanding Your Emotions Inside Out With the Emotion Wheel: FEAR

Let me ask you a small and simple question! How many emotions do humans experience?…

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What Is Subjective Well-Being

What Is Subjective Well-Being?

The concept of Subjective well-being was first used by Ed Diener in 1984 when he…

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Things You Need To STOP apologizing For Now

15+ Things You Need To STOP apologizing For Now | Reconsider Your SORRY

We have always been told what all things we should be apologizing for by our…

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Fawn Response To Trauma

Fawn Response To Trauma: What Is It And Ways To Unlearn Your Fawn Response

If you know about the post-traumatic stress disorder or trauma, you know the basic response…

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The Art of Persuasive Techniques to Increase your Influence

The Art of Persuasive Techniques to Increase your Influence

We all have experienced or experienced such a phase wherein the person is so manipulative…

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Impact of Nicotine on Brain

Impact of Nicotine on Your Brain: The Good and The Bad Side

If you read my blogs quite often you might be aware of the fact that…

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Who Is A Nutric Personality And Why You Should Keep Them Near

We’ve all had one or two encounters with toxic people that have left an impression…

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