Coffee is Good for You : Myth Or Fact?

Last Update on August 14, 2020 : Published on March 19, 2020
effect of caffeine on memory

Have you ever heard of bliss in a cup? I am pretty sure that you must have even savored it. Yes folks, you are right. I am talking about that enchanting aroma, delightful flavor, delectable taste, yes, it’s Coffee! The benefits of coffee are known all around the world. People start their day with it and also look up to this savior multiple times a day whenever they feel that they won’t be able to survive the harsh day. Enhanced energy levels, lower risk of type 2 diabetes, reduction in mood swings, reduces depression and what not. Many business houses have grown and become giants by selling this beautiful experience to customers worldwide. Some of the famous names like Starbucks, Costa Coffee, etc. So I guess I can safely say that coffee in many cultures has taken a place which may not be replaced by anything else, not so easily at least.

coffee is good for you

As the saying goes, “too much of anything is a poison”. No matter what you take, if you are ingesting it more than necessary then it will create a problem. On average, working American adult intakes 6 to 7 cups of coffee, which is around double the suggested intake. Many studies also suggested that people were getting addicted to coffee and also were using it as a catalyst to make their brains work. So does it actually work or is it just all a big hoax? Let’s find out.

Is Coffee Good for You or Boost Memory?

People who consumed coffee on a regular basis are known to be more alert and seem to be better at memorizing things. For a long time it was often thought that people who drank coffee have increased memory or it gives a memory boost. So people, who initially didn’t drink coffee also started after seeing it’s benefits. Caffeine is considered both as a boon and as a curse. So why is it?

is coffee good for you

In various studies it was found out that caffeine when taken through any means, directly and indirectly affects the brain. It affects the alertness and response system of our brain. So it’s good right? If something is helping you to score better marks or bag a fat promotion then it should be great? Right? Wrong…..sadly. For people who love coffee, it may come as a shock, but drinking coffee in large amounts can seriously bring some bad results. Studies were conducted to find out the relation between coffee and memory and opinions of different scientists were…… different. The reports said that effects of coffee may depend on when you are drinking it, while others were more convinced that it affected aspects of memory which were more accepted on a global scale. It meant that if you are sipping coffee while learning something and also while revising it, you will actually have improved memory. This is actually good news which I am pretty sure that you were not expecting.

Then what is the Harm? Is there any?

coffee boost memory

Well, the answer would be yes and no. For no, I have already mentioned my reason above. But now let me tell you how caffeine hampers with your memory. If you are not taking any caffeinated drinks at the time of learning something but if you are taking it while recalling the same information, then you will have problems retrieving it. Similarly if you drink coffee while learning something but don’t take it while you are trying to recall it then too you would be struggling to remember. So there are some really noteworthy benefits but there are also some one which might put your memory in grave danger.

is coffee increses memory

These effects were found to be different in people of different age groups. For example, in the younger generation these memory issues were not that prevalent but were quite noticeable in the older generation. And on top of that caffeine is quite addictive. So it is highly advised that one should not use it frequently. If you are trying to increase or boost your memory for the long term then gulping down a bucket full of coffee definitely isn’t the way. And caffeine also hampers the sleep cycle so you may also experience symptoms of insomnia and hyper-alertness. My advice to you all would be to eat healthy and improve your routine. That way you can actually bring some positive changes in your life. And last but not the least, drink coffee but occasionally. It has its own benefits if taken in moderation.

coffee is reall y good for you

Hope it helped. Do let us know your opinions and experiences with coffee and its effects. We would love to hear from you.

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  1. Johnmerchant

    As i am coffee lover so i can say its good if you are taking in limit according to your mood and stress . So its good for stress booster.

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