9 Natural Ways On How To Improve Memory & Increase Brain Power

Last Update on October 26, 2023 : Published on July 26, 2020
natural ways to improve memory

Where are my keys? Where did I keep my credit card after shopping? Where is my passport?

Alas, such moments often visit our lives and signal to us the need for memory improvement techniques. However, we usually avoid these techniques thinking it is a matter of time or situation and it is because of stress or poor organization skills that things are not at their place.

That’s fine but what about keeping your mind sharper as you slowly age or what if you cannot remember the chapters you have learned for the examination and feel anxious? Well, you can make your present and future easier by incorporating natural ways to improve memory in your daily lifestyle including consuming healthy food and performing brain exercises. Whatever age you are right now, embrace the brainy gift with these little tweaks!

How To Improve Memory & Sharpen The Brain?

1. Include Antioxidants & Omega-3 Fatty Acids In Your Diet

Antioxidants & Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Your diet plays a very essential role in keeping a check on your body and brain health. It is great if you can include food rich in antioxidants like fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts in your diet. Moreover, Omega-3 fatty acids are capable of slowing down the decline of cognitive skills in adults, improving memory and lowering the risk of heart diseases. Fishes, nuts and flax seeds possess Omega-3 fatty acids or else you can choose to add capsules on a daily basis.
Moreover, you must begin to cut down on refined carbs, inflammatory and sugar laden food for a long term memory. A research suggests that those who have higher intake of sugary food have less volume in the brain to store the information.

2. Avoid Consuming Information At Once

Avoid Consuming Information At Once

When you consume a lot of information in a single time, there are chances that you will forget a major chunk and the rest of the information is also scattered in different forms. For example, students who study a night before the examination tend to perform lesser than those who have studied in an organized and divided manner for the whole year. The similar pattern is followed by us in day to day life. If you want to improve your memory for a longer time period, divide your tasks and complete them before procrastinating.

3.  Start Visualizing

Start Visualizing

One of the best improvement techniques include visualization of the information. Those who remember information using infographics, photos, charts or videos have better brain power than those who try to learn using conventional methods. For example, when you organize your tasks on a whiteboard or try to remember a lesson through a visualized story behind it, you can be sure of not forgetting it so soon.

4. Relate New With Old

Relate New With Old

Let’s take an example. You have learned about the recent political shift in between the two countries. It is easy to simmer the information when you have an understanding of its history or you are already acquainted with the past information. Right? So, as you connect the new information with an old one, the chances of recalling it are more than anything else. This method is also capable in improving logical thinking and preparing the candidates for high level examinations.

5. Read Out Loud

Read Out Loud

Imagine reading a material like you are teaching a class or reciting the information on a news channel. Research suggests that when you read out the information loud out, it helps in boosting the memory. If you haven’t tried this method yet, ask your family members to become the students or audience. This would also boost your confidence side by side. You can even help a friend in clearing their concepts while enriching your own memory.

6. Regular Exercise


Although there are so many physical and mental benefits of exercise, it is indeed a highly effective way for improving memory. Regular exercises decrease the risk of memory loss in the future and improves cognitive performance. As per the research published in Frontiers of Human Neuroscience, those who run have better connections between brain activity, self-control and improved memory.

7. Proper Sleep

Proper Sleep

A good sleep is associated with memory consolidation that in turn helps in making long lasting memories. If you do not take enough sleep, your memory is impacted negatively and the chances of errors increase. Experts highly recommend that one must sleep 7 to 9 hours each night to have an improved memory and overall maintained health.

8. Practice Mindfulness

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is most effective when you want to improve your memory. It is because meditation helps in maintaining the awareness of the present situation, improving concentration and lowering stress. In fact, age related cognitive decline could be reduced by incorporating meditation. A research backed by 293 psychology students showed that those who went mindfulness techniques experienced better recognition memory performance than those who didn’t.

9. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Another memory improvement technique and probably most important is to reduce the consumption of alcohol. Too much alcohol negatively impacts the brainpower and memory. Moreover, repeated drinks can damage the hippocampus which is the part of the brain responsible for memory. It can also be noted that a few drinks occasionally may not be as negative as binge drinking.

10. Memory Sustained

These small tweaks mentioned above help in increasing your memory power for life. Everything could be managed in future but your brain health needs your help from now. Apart from the above natural ways to improve memory, you can make your exercises often with best brain training apps.

Have a healthy mind & healthy memory!

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    mariya jonsan

    Through regular exercise i can improve my memory and power and eat healthy and take proper sleep , and here you are explaining some more points also i will try all of them.

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