Exploring Creative Self-Expression (And Its Importance In Our Well-Being)

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Creative Self-Expression

Creativity is what separates humans from other world creatures. Whether it be dancing, singing, dressing up for pride parades, creating poems, or even creating music. These creative ways to express yourself are what constitute creative self-expression.

Creative self-expression is the artistic pursuit of emotions. This way to express yourself calls to your heart, mind, and cognizance. Creative self-expression is about presenting yourself as an individual; it’s the action that defines your uniqueness, your essence.

There are many feelings and emotions that we can’t express or even label. So how do we express those? How do we make sure they don’t fester? Well, expressing your feelings doesn’t mean you have to use your words.

Here, creative self-expression comes in. When we go beyond the norm and express ourselves through creative arts; in the form of drawings, doodles, photographs, dance, music, and more. Self-expression is where we channel our thoughts and feelings to make our hearts feel lighter and our minds at rest.

Below, let’s explore what is creative self-expression and its importance in our overall well-being.

Creativity And Mindfulness: The Connection

Creativity and mindfulness when combined are essential in learning how to pay attention. Mindfulness helps you stay present and in tune with your senses and our senses; hearing, tasting, feeling, and smelling are the elements that support our creative art.

Creativity and mindfulness are about exploring your mind and the outside world from a different perspective. When you interlace mindfulness and creativity, it leads to creative self-expression, where you get to understand your inner turmoil and connect it with the outside world.

When you’re focused, you work from the deepest parts of your mind and heart, which makes you create more vivid art. The art of paying attention via art makes you aware of your emotions, be more present, and express your innermost self.

There are many forms of expression but the most important aspect of self-expression is about tapping into your senses (and subconscious) and expressing yourself from the deepest part of your mind and heart.

Creative or not, self-expression can be a story, poem, painting, play, dance, or anything that brings a fresh approach to expressing yourself.

The Importance Of Creative Self-Expression

In a 2021 study, it was found that art therapy can be a good supportive treatment for mental health disorders as it allows you to open up and express your feelings and experiences. Creative art therapy can help treat conditions such as:

Creative self-expression focuses on the process of expressing yourself rather than the end product. When you focus on the end product, judgment may occur. You may criticize yourself, and your early drafts, rather than appreciating the creative process.

Focusing on the creative process helps you lean on your impulse and accept what you feel. That’s when creative self-expression becomes healing. Healing involves trusting oneself, becoming aware of the creative inspiration, and letting them manifest than subduing them.

In the creative process, self-compassion is an important element but there should also be freedom and a sense of enjoyment in the process. Another important aspect of creative self-expression is that it allows your emotions to flow rather than get stuck inside.

How To Practice Creative Self-Expression?

1. Connect With Your Senses

“What do I see…? What do I hear…? What do I feel…?” Check-in with your senses and work with them. Allow your senses to guide you in your creative process and let them create what you feel. Allow yourself to not be judgmental and avoid self-criticism. Your senses will help you in expressing yourself.

2. Try Gentle Movement Exercises

Gentle movement exercises like yoga and tai chi are also a good place to start with self-expression. These exercises can help you increase the flow of creativity by unblocking the energy points in your body. These gentle movement exercises can also help you relax and loosen up and boost your mind-body-spirit connection.

3. Practice Mandala Art

Drawing or doodling is a good place to start when we talk about self-expression, especially mandala art. All you need to do is draw a big circle, choose the color you want to express your emotions with, and create what you feel. Keep doing this until you form shapes or images in your circle.

4. Try Journaling Prompts

Many people, like myself, find it easier to express themselves through journaling or story writing. Using journaling or writing prompts can help you start somewhere instead of a blank canvas. You can try this self-discovery journaling prompts to get started. The more you practice journaling your innermost feelings, the more you learn how to connect with others.

5. Form Community Connections

Fostering healthy community relations can make the act of creative self-expression less lonely. When you create and express yourself with a community, you not only foster healthy connections with others but also have fun creating your art. Find online groups or community classes where you can join and support each other.

“Neuroscience is teaching us that ‘self-expression’ might be one – if not the most important ways for people to connect, navigate and grow with each other.” – Judith Glaser

Regular creative self-expression can help boost your well-being. When you understand how important your creative self-expression is to your wellness, it becomes easier to acknowledge, accept, and embrace the uncomfortable feelings and raw emotions that you couldn’t before.

The rule of creative self-expression is simple; trust your mind and let your creativity flow through your heart. Surrender to the creative process. Focus on the process rather than the result. If you get stuck, ask for help but keep going.

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