5 Desk Yoga Poses You Can Do For Quick Stress Relief

Leaving your desk to find a quiet place to relieve stress in the middle of the workday is not feasible. But with these desk yoga poses, you can relieve the tension and stress in your muscles sitting on your desk - whether at work or if working from home - these quick and easy poses can help!

Last Update on January 18, 2021 : Published on January 18, 2021
5 Desk Yoga Poses You Can Do For Quick Stress Relief

Long-term sitting and staring at your computer screen, unmoving, can lead you to develop muscle tension in your lower back, neck, and shoulders. Now, taking a 30-60 minute break for yoga in the middle of work doesn’t sound very healthy, does it? I mean, in the middle of work, you can’t leave everything behind to practice yoga to replace the cricks in your body with relaxation.

So, to provide a quick and easy solution to the problem, I’m going to write about some desk yoga poses that you can practice without leaving your workstation or your study table and also provide you with a satisfactory outcome, relieve stress, and relaxation.

We can’t do much to avoid sitting and working, but taking a break? – that we can do!

Desk Yoga Poses To Try Now!

1. Wrist & Finger Stretch

Wrist & Finger Stretch
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How To – While sitting straight, extend your right arm in front of you – palm facing outwards (you should see the back of your palm). Keeping your arm straight in front of you, spin your hand so that your wrist faces up and your fingers down.

Next, take your left hand and gently pull the fingers of your right hand toward yourself while keeping your arm straight. This will give your wrist, palm, and fingers a bit of a stretch.

Repeat this with the other arm.

Note: Remember to be gentle, too much pressure can pull a muscle and might hurt you.

2. Seated Stretch

Seated Stretch

How To – While sitting on your chair, put your legs hip-width apart and your feet flat on the floor. Placing your hands on your knees, inhale and in slow movements, arch your back while rolling your shoulders.

On your exhale, reverse the position so that your spine is bent. Let your head drop so that your chin is on your chest.

Repeat the movement for a few more breaths. Remember to be gentle, if you’re a beginner to yoga.

3. Seated Twist

Seated Twist
Image source: beyondblue.org.au

How To – By sitting sideways in your chair, your legs hip-width apart, and feet flat on the floor, inhale. On your exhale, slowly and gently twist your upper body until you face the back of your chair. Sit tall and keep your spine straight. Go as far as you are comfortable. No need to overdo it.

While holding the pose, inhale, and then on your exhale twist back to your normal position. Repeat the movement on the other side. This seated twist pose will improve your posture, raise circulation, and improve digestion as well.

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4. Hip Opener

Hip Opener
Image source: beyondblue.org.au

How To – Keep seated in your chair with your legs hip-width apart and feet flat on the floor. Bring either one of your ankles on the opposite knee and flex your foot. Doing this pose, make sure that your hips are level and your back is straight.

Breathe in this pose for a few seconds and then repeat with the other side. You might notice some sensations during the stretch in your legs and hips. No need to worry – it’s just the kinks working themselves out and helping you relax your body after long hours of sitting.

Do not overdo this pose and risk injuring yourself.

5. Shoulder Opener

Shoulder Opener
Image source: beyondblue.org.au

How To – Stand up and face your desk with your feet hip-width apart. There should be some distance between you and your desk. Inhale and raise your arms above your head, shoulder-width apart. Keeping your back straight, exhale, and bend forward until your arms touch the edge of your desk.

Your legs can be either locked straight or you can bend them in a squat if you prefer. Either way, your legs, and back should be at a right angle with your desk. With every exhale, slowly stretch until you feel the tension in your chest and upper back loosen.

Hold the pose for a few seconds and slowly stand straight back up. Repeat for a few more breaths.

Benefits Of Desk Yoga:

By incorporating yoga at your workplace can be helpful not only to work the kinks and aches in your muscles but it can also help clear your mind and help you relax – physically and mentally.

Practicing yoga on your desk at work can help:

Yoga can help you become healthier and less stressed. By engaging in desk yoga or workplace yoga, you can stay motivated and increase your productivity. Taking a 10-minute break to do some quick and easy yoga can help you release tension and relax. Yoga can improve your mental and physical wellbeing as well!

“The yoga pose you avoid the most you need the most.”

 Breathe In, Breathe Out…

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