Singing: A Natural Antidepressant and Much More!

Last Update on March 9, 2022 : Published on August 28, 2021
mental health benefits of singing

Do you wonder why choir singers are always on a high? You will always see a wide smile on people’s faces in the choir, even while they are singing. Researchers state that singing has the ability to improve mood. Especially when you sing in a group.

There is no doubt that music does something to us. My mood depends on the kind of music I am listening to or the song I am humming. Does that happen to you too?

I think it’s all about the vibrations we create while singing that changes our mood. Other than elevating mood singing has other benefits as well. We all know by now that singing is good for our health but how?

My question here is does it only brighten up the mood or has other health benefits as well? Let’s find out…

How Can You Benefit from Singing?

health benefits of singing

1. Say bye-bye to stress while singing.

According to a study people who sing have less stress than people who don’t sing generally. Singing helps in reducing the stress hormone, cortisol, and perhaps that’s the reason behind reduced levels of stress in people who indulge in singing regularly.

2. Build a sense of belonging with singing.

How excited do you get when you find someone who appreciates music and loves to sing (irrespective of how they sound)?  Music has the power to bring people together.

Many people claim to have found a strong sense of belonging with people they sing with. It is mostly seen in people who are in a band, who jam together or are in a choir together. They feel connected to each other through music.

3. Improve memory with singing.

Many studies have stated that people suffering with dementia have benefited by singing. Being able to remember something is a good day for them. By singing they can not only recall the lyrics but can also recall memories attached to certain songs.

I would always add some melody to my study material to remember it better. Although that’s not singing, it’s just easier to remember things which rhyme.

4. Sing your grief away.

Grief is a combination of a lot of physical and emotional pain. Singing can hit just the right chords. Singing has proven to be helpful in relieving physical pain. Did you know I do the same for emotional pain as well?

You know sometimes we are unable to put words to our grief. And that makes it even difficult to let things out of your system. Singing on the other hand puts words to your emotion. Psychologically, singing can help you vent out your pain.

The lyrics of the song might not match but the emotions definitely will.

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5. Sing to change the mood.

To sing a song we resonate with instantly changes our mood, doesn’t it?  It’s no surprise that singing can improve mood. It’s one of the most common benefits that singing has on our health.

I’ll give you one tiny example. Do you or do you not stay awake throughout a road trip if there is good travel music playing in your car? Even better if you all sing together! Such card rides are perfect, all of you singing your favorite songs together.

6. Singing can improve mental conditions.

It’s been a long time that experts have approved the mental health benefits of singing. There are so many neurological conditions where speaking properly is a tough task. Singing can come handy there as well.

Autism, aphasia, stuttering, stammering, etc. can try to sing regularly to improve their condition.

7. It’s a natural antidepressant

Singing is said to increase the production of endorphins (the happy hormone) in our body. Which simply means that singing is going to affect your mood, in a good way. Good mood = good day & good day = happiness!

The feeling of successfully getting through a day itself is a feel good thought for depressed people. Moreover singing can take your mind off the negative thoughts and feelings.

8. Improve your mental alertness via singing

Let’s get a bit scientific here. You know how, while singing, you try to get control over your breath? Now that’s very similar to breathing exercises. Breathing exercises increase the oxygen level in your blood and blood sends that O2 to your brain.

Well oxygenated brain works better. You can be more alert, your reflexes are faster and focus is also increased.

These are a few ways singing has proven to be beneficial. There are many other benefits to singing too like it boosts confidence, acceptance, builds unity, helps in channelizing energy and many more.

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There is this song my mother and I would sing together during a rough patch in our life. The song had something to do with how sunshine brings hope and hope brings light to our life. We’d sing the song together whenever we felt helpless and it would instantly fill us with a lot of courage to deal with the situation at hand.

Even today that song gives me hope, strength and happiness!

Did you have one such song too? Would love to read about your jam session experiences! Put them in the comment section below.

I think the above-mentioned benefits are enough to make you believe in the power singing has. Singing has always helped me maintain my mental peace, I hope it does that for you too.

Thanks for reading!

Take care! Stay safe!

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