7 Ways Your Clothes Change The Way You Think

Last Update on December 26, 2022 : Published on December 26, 2022

We all go out of our way to look attractive on important events. Most individuals, though, are divided between their desire to dress up & feeling bad about devoting attention to clothing. According to new research, how we attire might be the choice between giving ourselves an advantage in our professional & personal life. Yes, this also applies to guys.

We’ve all heard the expressions “attire for the career you want, rather than the one you have” & “look really good, feel really good” before. Most individuals have no faith in these, but we still strive to dress appropriately for the occasion.

The great news would be that study into the influence of clothing on behavior currently reveals that these expressions may have some validity to them. According to science, what we wear influences our behavior, attitudes, temperament, mood, assurance, and even how we communicate with others. “Enclothed Cognition” is what it is.

Enclothed Cognition refers to the influence that our clothing appears to have on numerous psychological processes such as emotions, attitudes, self-evaluations, and interpersonal relationships. Clothes influence our behavior and moods due to the symbolic value we (as a community) attribute to various forms of clothing.

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Some outfits are considered strong, while others are considered lighthearted. We even judge people we’ve just met depending on their attire and circumstance. We appear to judge ourselves & our duties depending on what we’re donning at the moment; because of how they make us feel.

This indicates that the sensation of donning something has a subtle effect on our attitudes & conduct.

1. On Fridays, Dress Comfortably.

While a smart suit improves our effectiveness in the office, wearing formal attire if we intend to mingle is not a smart option. According to research, when individuals wear formal clothing, they are less open & find it harder to relax.

A relaxed and flexible clothing code at the workplace, in addition, assists us to get more & more pleasant and innovative. These findings support the concept of wearing professional casuals on Fridays & Saturdays.

since coworkers are more willing to socialize and let your hair down on the last day of the whole week. Who wishes to hang around with the rectangles in their coats, after all?

2. Suiting Up = Powering Up

Tailored jackets are synonymous with someone being ‘dressed for success’ for something like a reason. Adopting professional workplace attire and structured clothing appears to put us in the correct state of mind to do trade.

Wearing power apparel helps us boost our self-esteem [perhaps due to the name] and even raises hormones required for demonstrating dominance. As a result, we become better communicators and creative thinkers.

3. Consistent Thinking

Clothing connected with a given function triggers all of your knowledge & expectations on how individuals in that trade should act. Carrying weapons and jackets, for instance, can make employees more aware of their responsibilities and urge them to give more thought to their employment.

Putting on a lab coat when in an experiment promotes participants to concentrate more & make lesser mistakes (since lab coats signify serious, attentive occupations such as scientists and physicians).

And it’s not only for adults. Schoolchildren in Kenya attended school more frequently and performed much better when they were required to wear uniforms, maybe because the jerseys made schoolwork seem real and meaningful to these children & their parents.

4. The Psychology Of Gym Attire

Not inspired enough to work out on a daily basis? Wear or bring some of your workout clothing with you. Choosing gym gear or active wear increases the likelihood that we will exercise.

This might be because donning our workout clothes serves as a reminder to make healthier choices. For so many, putting on clothing eliminates the process of ‘dressing for exercise,’ removing one of our justifications.

5. Politics And Luxury Goods

Most of us believe that our political beliefs are unshakeable. Clothes can influence not just our apparent social position, but also our political ideas and attitudes. For one research, women who have been instructed to wear a Prada handbag are associated more with conservative, capitalist ideals than women inside a non-luxury handbag comparison group.

These females were also less willing to assist others overall, but more likely to assist if it boosted their social standing. According to scientists, this might be due to people instinctively attempting to act in ways that are compatible with their appearance. So, in essence, if we dress for the part, we will begin to inhabit it.

6. Consistent Thinking

Clothing connected with a given function triggers all of our expectations & knowledge about how individuals in that industry should behave. Wearing uniforms & jackets, for example, could make employees more aware of their responsibilities and urge them to devote more attention to their respective employment.

Wearing a laboratory coat when in a test promotes participants to concentrate more and produce fewer errors (since lab coats signify serious, attentive occupations such as scientists and physicians).

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7. Downers And Ups

Feeling down, grumpy, agitated, or sad? Although our emotional condition most certainly influences how we dress, that opposite may also be true. Whatever we dress may influence how we deal with days when we’re unhappy, nervous, or pressured.

Wearing brightly colored clothes, according to research, seems to be the fastest little remedy for a terrible day. Colors that are cheerful act as tiny pick-me-ups, improving our attitude and energy. Furthermore, we link bright colors with joy, sunny days, & carefree times.


Copying someone’s style may be a smart way to boost self-image. According to research, when we imitate the dress code of people we see as brilliant and strong, we feel imbued with these attributes as well. That’s a strong case for wearing clothing that brings out the best in us.

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