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Last Update on May 1, 2023 : Published on October 13, 2022

Animals have become an integral part of a household now. It is said that cats are an intelligent species that are capable of detecting strong emotions from their humans. Dogs have always been categorized as a man’s best friend as they are loyal and spread joy and happiness wherever they go.

Animals are now being trained to provide emotional support to humans in need. Although, many people want a furry companion with a personality that matches their own. While we certainly understand human pair bonding, are we understanding of animal-human bonding? Is having a pet even good for your health?

Today approximately 60% of households have a pet – cat, dog, hamster, fish, or even snakes in some cases. These pets are treated as an essential member of the household.

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Research has shown that people with pets are healthier and less depressed than people without pets. Pets also play an important part in ice-breaking and social communication.

But every pet, no matter the species or kind, have a different personality. Your pet choices can say a lot about you and your personality as well. For instance, an introvert is more likely to pick a cat as their furry companion while an extrovert is likely to be a dog owner.


Some Interesting Facts About Pets

‘Did you know that cats manipulate their owners by making subtle changes in how they purr?’

  • Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil have the highest percentage of pet owners.
  • Women are most likely to have a cat or a dog as a pet while men are more likely to have fish or birds as pets.
  • Cats are the most popular pets in France, Russia, and the USA.
  • In India, people can now order cooked-to-order meals delivered for their pet dogs.

What Does Your Pet Say About You

1. Dog Person

are you a dog person

A dog person tends to be more energetic and outgoing. The number of dog owners is greater than other pet owners. Dog persons are more likely to be a stickler of rules and are associated with self-confidence and assertiveness.

Dog owners are often found living with a spouse, a partner, or other family members, preferring to share their space with others than living alone.

2. Cat Person

are you a cat person

Cat people tend to be a rebel or a free spirit in nature. A cat person is likely to score higher in intelligence or IQ tests than others but it isn’t a result of owning cats as pets.

Cats do not require as much attention as dogs and people with cats are more likely to work long hours. People with cats prefer living independently and in solitude than people with dogs. It doesn’t hurt that cats are low-maintenance pets.

3. Bird Person

are you a bird person

A bird person is very social and outgoing in nature. A person with a bird as a pet is more expressive in nature and has a strong, dominant personality. Bird owners are very caring and polite compared to other pet owners.

4. Reptile Person

are you a reptile person

People with reptiles as pets are considered very unique and independent in nature. They like their space as much as their pet likes theirs. Reptile owners don’t tend to be the centre of attention and are more analytical.

Reptile owners can be described as unpredictable, unconventional, hard-working, goal-oriented but reliable too.

5. Fish Person

are you a fish person

A fish owner finds humor in situations and tends to lead a happy and satisfying life. Fish owners are very optimistic and content in nature. Fish owners can be described as more emotionally strong and calm than others.


If you own more than one – or a different kind – of pet, then you are content with having different personalities and each is more appealing than the other. It doesn’t really matter what kind of pet or how many pets you own. What it all comes down to is how you treat your pet and others – humans and animals alike.

Having a furry friend is no different from having a human one. Cuddling up with your furry companion, playing games with them, and marveling in their playful innocence is the best therapy you can need in the time of a global pandemic.

Look at the world from their eyes and let go of your worries.

The easiest way to enjoy life is to find happiness in the little things around you. What better way to do that with your pet.

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