Pick your Favorite Flower and Know your Personality

Last Update on September 3, 2020 : Published on April 26, 2020

We all know that flowers have the power to turn our bad day into a good one. But, wait! What if someone gifts your roses and you don’t like roses… you like tulips or lilies boom! Welcome the beast!

Nobody wants to do that with anyone! Agree…. So, in past years I have learned that people do not like every flower; they are attracted to a particular type of flower. And, this whole thing actually specifies your personality. Yes, I might help you to learn your personality. The best thing about this blog, if you know about the personality of your partner, you do not have to give wrong flowers. From now, I am making your flower-buying thing easy for your partner.

To begin with, choose one flower that attracts you the most from the below options:

  1. Roses
  2. Sunflower
  3. Tulips
  4. Lilies
  5. Daisies

pick the flower and know your personality

I believe that you have selected your favorite flower from the above list. Now, let’s see what personality you carry in perspectives of flowers.

1. Roses

roses are the sign of passion

If without giving a second thought, your heart whispered roses, keep it a note that you are a passionate person. You carry the perfect balance of brain and heart, which is rare to find. You are the person who thinks about family first, your priorities are always set. You know how to make your family happy and you are good at that.

You carry grace and class in your style and you like to keep distance with changing trends and gaudy stuff. You are incredibly romantic which shows that you are the one who adds most of the spice in the relationship. Additionally, you take time to understand the intentions of people, once they have gained the trust in you, you are the most romantic and trustworthy person.

2. Sunflower

sunflower - vibrant personality

If you cheery vibes from a sunflower, you are definitely a vibrant person. The sunflower denotes happiness and positivity and so are you! You are a positive person with vibrant vibes. You come from the group of sunshine personified persons. Means, you carry the innate personality of spreading happiness and lifting inner spirits. In groups, your presence is incredible (bright and shiny suits you). Your friends and family trust you. You have great humor and know how to turn a bad situation into a good one.

You are loyal and patient, you can go to any lengths for your loved ones to ensure the safety of your loved ones or family members. You are strong and can handle tough situations easily without any fierceness.

3. Tulips

sweet and thoughtful person -tulip

Sweet and thoughtful person likes Tulips lovers. You are the person who loves to help strangers in distress and in return you get the golden gift of friendship and happiness. But, you are kind of a little shy and take time to open and get comfortable with the environment.

You are the personality which is not easy to forget. You take a lot of time to open up and because of this personality, you have a small circle. But, you have real gems and you can count on them anytime and anywhere. You often get the tag of perfectionist because you work on details which show that you are kind of a conservative person.

4. Lilies

lilies - group leader

If you are a lily lover, you are the one who leads the group like a mother hen. You are the one who supports others regardless of your own situations. Helping and supporting makes you happy which shows that you are kind and giving personality.

You are innocent and naïve which means that people can easily take advantage of you (do not let them do that). After all this, you have maintained your personality in such a manner that everyone loves because of the kindness and happiness you spread in your tribe.

You are simple and understanding which shows that you are good at being friends with people. You keep your world simplified which makes your down to the earth person.

5. Daisies

daisy work like energy bar

Simplest tag I can give to the people who love daisies is “Energy.” Yes, you are full of energy which means that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals and no one can make you sad easily. You are one of those happy and cheery people who is loved and liked by everyone.

You are the life of the party. You are loyal and you prioritize your friends.

I hope you like this blog. Comment down and let us know about your favorite flower. For more such content, follow Calm Sage on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Akash Jain
    Akash Jain

    My favourite flower is rose which suits my personality better. And the flower which suits my better half the most is Sunflower and the Roses, but she doesn't like the Roses. Thanks for this great post.

  2. Sindd

    I love sunflowers and daisy both of them are so beautiful, thank u

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