7 Common Things Within Longest Living People (& You Must Follow It)

Last Update on July 10, 2020 : Published on July 11, 2020
Common things among people with long life

From a natural birth to a natural end, there lies a pool of opportunities and habits to pick from and learn each day so that there is a happy state of mind and a healthy body. Where many countries like the U.S.A., India, Malaysia, etc. have populations with life expectancy of about 75 years, countries like Japan, Italy, Germany and Switzerland are those regions where crossing over 100 is common. And the best part, they are happy with healthy bodies & minds.

Although genetics play a role in longevity but the role is not as large as usually believed. Longest living people have certain habits in common that are going to be revealed in the blog below.

Common Things Within Longest Living People

How To Live A Longer Life?

1. Manage Stress Naturally

Stress is common amongst each one of us, no matter the age and region. But perceiving stress as something that makes you stronger and better helps in negating the negative side of stress. When someone sees stress as self-destruction, it brings out the same.

In order to manage stress naturally, longest living people make sure to eat healthy and nourishing food, get good sleep, stay physically active, and keep socializing with their friends and family members. Research has also shown that those who manage their stress with basic and natural methods live a longer and healthier life.

2. Eat Right & Eat Until 80% Full

There is a huge connection between calories and long life, believe it or not. Limiting your calories helps against diseases by reducing excess body weight and even belly fat which is commonly associated with a shorter life. Longest living people consume less meaty food but food rich with fiber, protein, antioxidants, and several minerals.

It is also to be noted that consuming everything on the plate is not required and stuffing yourself food is definitely not a good deal if you wish to live longer. One needs to stop eating food as soon as they feel that their stomach is ‘about’ to get full. Another important thing to observe is that one must finish their last meal at least 3 hours before sleeping. Later afternoon or early evening meals are probably the best habits linked to long life.

3. Plant-Based Diet

While the food is being discussed, this point is a necessity. Those who rely on a plant-based diet and consume meat only a few times in a month have shown better results towards life longingness. In fact, sugar, sugar-based products, and processed food need to be cut down by at least 90%.

Several studies have claimed that people consuming vegetarian and vegan food have 12-15% less risk of premature death. However, what is more, shocking is that many diseases and premature deaths are highly linked to increased meat consumption.

4. Alcohol Consumption Is Moderate

Alcohol is consumed in almost every region of the world and those who live a longer life reportedly consume alcohol but moderately. For example, one or two glasses with their friends over a meeting with friends. According to a research and analysis conducted for more than 8 years, people who enjoy seven drinks in a week have 25% less chances of dying due to cardiovascular disease than those who are sober.

With that said, it can also be noted that smoking is usually avoided amongst the longest living people as it helps in saving them from lung damage or cancer.

5. A Life With Larger Purpose

Once the person has a purpose to live life, it makes them keep moving and keep hopes high. It is directly related to personal happiness and running mind. Such people have a goal right after beginning their day. Deciding on smaller and larger tasks gives them a purpose to enjoy their day and live it fully.

In fact, when a larger goal is being talked about, it could be living a healthier lifestyle and enjoy every bit of it. For some, life goals are beating the disease they are suffering from and it does have a positive impact on them.

6. Active Lifestyle

Our modern lifestyle has become sedentary and we are not able to get up in between our work schedule to be as active as people of old times. When we speak with our elders, we find that they used to walk instead of drive, cycle to bring items from far, or keep themselves in motion to complete a work. Sadly, that is not possible today but it doesn’t mean that other alternatives are finished.

If you are looking for how to live a longer life, promise yourself to take breaks in between long sitting hours, take out 30 minutes for a walk, take stairs instead of elevators, walk down to bring groceries, or keep adding any kind of movement in the routine. Moreover, there are amazing mental benefits of exercise that can’t be missed.

7. Maintained Relationships

Longest living people are usually connected to their family members, emotionally as well as physically. Healthy aging comes with healthy relationships. Even if someone is not able to stay close to their family due to whatsoever reason, they put their emotions in the forefront either by calling them regularly, adopting a pet or showing care to everyone in any way possible.

Being a part of social gatherings have also proved to be a great source of happiness for many. They share a part of themselves socially and listen to others and their side of the story. It is exactly like sharing happiness and sorrows with each other to keep themselves going.

Bonus: Optimism

One of the most important and common things within longest living people is Optimism towards life. It is similar to finding positive in every situation, telling yourself that this will pass easily and best is yet to come. They enjoy the present moment and if they are not able to, they know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

So we are sure that you wish to live a long and meaningful life, put a smile on your face and start making small changes in your life starting from today.

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