What To Do If You Have A Short Temper?

Last Update on April 20, 2023 : Published on July 24, 2021
What to do if you have short temper

Anger is defined as an emotion which all of us experience many days in our lifetime owing to some or the other reasons. It is also necessary to express this emotion as it creates a shield from numerous negativities. However, it is important to note if the symptoms are aggressive or you are showing signs of volatile anger so that you can help yourself with the tips to tame temper.

Do you often lose your calm if your favorite team loses a game, someone doesn’t hold the lift door for you, your Wi-Fi isn’t working or you just cannot bear the hard day at work?

Their occurrences could be managed if they happen once in a while but if they become a part of routine lives, can create a ruckus.

What Are The Signs Of A Short Temper?

Whenever we are angry, we show it in different ways like shouting, crying, squeezing our fist or something nearby and they all can be healthy ways of expression. However, when a short temper comes into the picture then it shows other primary signs like:

What Are The Signs Of A Short Temper
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  • The person becomes very easily irritated.
  • Whenever they are angry, shortness of breath appears
  • The vision starts to get blurry in the moment of upsetness
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • The heartbeat races like anything when the source of anger is confronted with.

Effects Of Short Temper On One’s Well-Being

If you or your loved ones have short temper issues then you become vulnerable to numerous social, physical and psychological issues. Difficulties include:

1. Social And Relationship Issues

Signs Of Rebound Relationship

Your short temper can lead to annoyance or a complete mood off if someone around you is not acting accordingly. For example, your junior delivering the work late or someone not listening to your discussion properly can kill your mood.

It is possible that people will try to corner you or even warn others to keep a distance from you, ultimately leading to relationship and social problems. You will notice that people around you will think before interacting with you fearing the outburst.

2. Physical Health Issues

Numerous physical health issues may erupt like heavy breathing, pulsing veins, high blood pressure, and even bulimia nervosa. In fact your food choices become poor and the lifestyle takes a negative turn.

There are even instances where people with short tempers have faced accidents due to road rage, poor concentration on the road and loss of vehicle control.

3. Psychological Issues

It could be in-built depression within a person which leads to anger issues and may even lead to major depressive disorder. If anger and short temper persists then it may even lead to anxiety, sweating, trembling, breathing, etc.

Ways To Control Short Temper

Although this emotion is a necessary part of a human life, your well-being shall not be affected negatively. This is why we are sharing with you some anger management tips through which you can manage not only anger but also your surroundings and interpersonal relationships.

1. Practice Relaxation Exercises

Whenever your anger bursts, make yourself available in the moment and practice deep breathing and relaxation techniques. Try using positive reaffirmations and self-soothing words for instant calm.

You can even try to visualize a beautiful and calm place as soon as you realize that the temperament is taking a negative aspect. Continue using positive words and visualization till you feel you have tamed the temper.

2. Keep A Mood Journal With You

Tracking your emotions is a necessary step to not only embrace what you are going through but journaling also acts as a healthy way to cope with your emotions. When you have a calm state, you can find out what is bothering you and if you can control the situation in a better manner.

3. Talk To Your Loved Ones

Is there any sort of pain or heartbreak which is hurting you deep inside? Is there anything you want to open about but you are taking a step back? Whatever be it, call your loved ones and tell them about your emotions.

Your family, friends or spouse may definitely support you through this tough time and stand up for you till you understand the types of temperament and cross the difficulties along.

4. Talk To A Therapist

How to deal with a short temper? Well, talking to a therapist is not a bad idea at all, in fact it’s one of the best ideas. When your temper is very strong and volatile, it is advised to seek professional guidance while also learning the best anger management tips for everyone.

You can also seek best online anger management classes so that professionals can help you in a well-designed manner. In fact, you can ask us to connect with a professional by dropping us an email at info@calmsage.com.


We hope that these anger management tips and effects on anger on you have helped you to understand the urge to solve the short temper. These ways to control your anger and tame temper can certainly help you when taken seriously.

We highly recommend you to see a therapist if your short temper plays a negative role in your life very often. You can even share your personal stories with us in the comments section below and inspire others with your experience.

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