I Feel Like I Want To Disappear! Why Do I Feel That Way?

Last Update on May 27, 2022 : Published on May 29, 2022
I Feel Like I Want To Disappear! Why Do I Feel That Way

The feeling of wanting to disappear hits many people the same way across the globe. It is a very common feeling which might have affected you as well at some point in your life. Some people are more resilient than others and that’s what makes a difference.

People who can’t get over the feeling of wanting to disappear often fall into depression, anxiety or other mental health related illness. Why would someone feel like they want to disappear or become invisible? We’ll find out!

In fact, in this fast pacing world, everyone is wanting to be one step closer to their goals. In the process we face a lot of obstacles which have the ability to make us feel empty from inside or there are feelings of worthlessness which can make you want to just disappear.

Let’s discuss other reasons that can cause someone to feel like that…

“Why Do I Feel Like I Want To Disappear ?”


This feeling of not wanting anyone to see you can sprout from various things but one of the main reasons can be feeling overwhelmed. There are so many times when you are overwhelmed with what’s happening around you whether it is work or relationships or some family/society matter.

These overwhelming feelings make us want to look for an escape, which is wanting to disappear so that you are away from all that comotion. Sometimes life can be cruel and the constant struggle with daily hurdles can tire your mind and body.

If you have been feeling like wanting to disappear you will have to look for the causing agents that make you feel like that. Here are a few risk factors that can cause someone to want to disappear;

  • Low self-esteem
  • Reduced self worth
  • Relationships issues
  • Overload at workplace or home
  • Have faced injustice
  • You have too much to handle without any help (responsibilities)
  • You are stuck in rumination
  • You feel like you’re not good enough (faced failures)
  • Experience toxic guilt and shame
  • Feeling of neglect or being unwanted
  • Social anxiety

There can be other reasons as well which are making you feel like wanting to disappear. It all depends on the kind of life you’ve led and the kind of experiences you’ve had.

“How To Get Rid Of This Feeling Of Wanting To Disappear?”


There is nothing wrong in feeling like wanting to disappear but you must know that if you are feeling this way, something’s not right. No one should be living like this. It is a very painful state of mind which can foster various mental health illnesses like depression, anxiety, etc.

There are a few things that you can do to help yourself get over this feeling of wanting to disappear. Have a look;

1.Identify your problem: the first step is to identify what is making you feel that way you are feeling. It’s very important to understand the problem so that you can look for an effective solution. Ask yourself one question, “What is making me feel this way?” and be honest with your answer because that’s what you’re looking for.

2.Recognise the triggers: once you know what’s making you feel like wanting to disappear, it’s time to recognise the triggers. Again ask yourself a few questions when you are experiencing these feelings, “Where Am I” “Who Am I With” “What Am I Doing” “Do I like it” The Answers to these questions are your triggers.

For Example: You are in a social gathering and you suddenly drop a glass of water. Your social anxiety will make you want to disappear so that you can escape the unwanted attention.

3.Change your narrative:when you feel like you want to disappear you can tell yourself a different story. It’s not always what you think it is, you have the power to change your narrative. Taking the same example, you can tell yourself, “too bad I dropped a glass and others just turned because of the noise, they have other things to worry about”

4.Take a Break: Sometimes you are stuck in a loop and you are filled with a lot of overwhelming feelings, you have a lot on your plate. Well, the feeling of wanting to disappear is a clue for you to take a break. Give yourself some time to rest, recoup and rejuvenate. You’ll only come back stronger after taking a break.

5.Reach out for help: if nothing seems to work for you, don;t shy away from seeking help. You can talk to a friend you trust or a family member or who better can a profession to help you deal with your overwhelming feelings? It’s okay to ask for help, go ahead and take therapy if need be.

That’s All Folks!

I hope you found this blog helpful. Whenever you are hit with the feelings of wanting to disappear, you should first pause, take a deep breath and try these tips to get rid of the feeling of wanting to disappear. If this doesn’t work, get professional help. Nothing should stop you from taking care of yourself.

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Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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