How Important Is Motivation And What Is its Role In Your Life?

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importance of motivation

Importance of motivation cannot be stressed upon enough. But much before we dive into the importance and the very role of motivation, let’s try to have a little look at something that comes before it, which is the will to do things.

It is rightly said “ Where there is a will, there is a way”. To do anything, you have to be willing to do it in the first place. Which is when, as they say “you will win half the battle” . That will to do something would further lay out your objectives and the ways you can accomplish those objectives. Will is one thing which you must believe in, something that will further cement the importance of self motivation.

But, sometimes it takes way more than just the will to do something. Sometimes, to summon that will, you need an external force which will guide you in the right direction. Which will help you dispel all the negativity which is stopping you from achieving your desires, your goals, your aims and objectives.

In this blog we shall talk about what motivation is, the role of motivation and its importance in our daily life. We shall also further talk about how motivation is related to psychology so that we will come to know that motivation is not a magical concept but a concept which is clinically proven.

What is Motivation?

what is motivation
Motivation is the “why” behind your actions. It is inclusive all those factors that guide your behaviour and all those factors that play a crucial role in activating your behaviour.

To be more specific, motivation is the need or the desire in you to bring in a change, be it in yourself or in the external environment. It is a force which stimulates you to take actions and accomplish goals. Let’s take a simple example – why do you go to the grocery store? Your answer would be to buy groceries. But, then why would you travel a long distance just to get the groceries. It is beacuse these groceries are important for your living. You are motivated by the desire to live and you thereby go to the grocery store.

Motivation helps the person to get the drive which is required to accomplish a particular task. It gives him or her a direction. It is when a person is motivated he converses with the environment in an open ended manner, wanting to solve any problems that come to him. You can also for finding motivation

Importance of Motivation

importance of motivation

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why motivation is so important in one’s life – 

1. It makes your goals clear

When you are motivated to achieve your goals, the path leading to that goal starts becoming clear. You know exactly the steps you are taking and if they are headed in the right direction.

 2. Motivation helps you sail through setbacks 

You will have challenges in your tasks and there would be times when you would even fall down. Here motivation will act as an impetus for you to stand up once again and fight. Motivation will help you gain immense amounts of strength and stamina so that every time you fall, you are able to get back on your feet and finally win!

3. You are able to bring your plans to action

Just setting up a plan on paper is not sufficient. You actually are on the road to winning when you start acting. Motivation helps you take actions in a very disciplined fashion. These actions are moreover consistent. Which means on days when you just don’t feel like working, motivation will help you make efforts. 

4. Stay on the path

It is so easy to lose sight of the goals beacuse of circumstances. But, when you are motivated to accomplish your goals, you will always make a diligent effort to stay right on the track. Even if you waver, motivation will put you back on the track.

5. Motivation makes you happy

Try this, whenever a challenge in the task makes you sad, keep yourself reminding of why you want to finish the challenge in the first place. You will immediately become happy.

6. When you are motivated, you motivate others too

Motivation is infectious (in a positive sense), when you are motivated, you make others motivated too. When they see you nailing tasks and that too with zeal, they would too want to follow your footsteps. Needless to say, a motivated person is the one with whom everyone wants to hangout with.

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Importance of Self Motivation:

motivation importance

Self motivation is a feature of a person with a very strong character. Such a person is independent and is able to accomplish his goals all by himself. You can’t be dependent on others for motivation every time. Sometimes, you have to practice motivation all by yourself. 

If you understand the importance of self motivation, you will have a better outlook towards issues. Also, you will be able to stand strong in a situation for a longer period of time than those who depend on others for motivation. 

For a self motivated person, it doesn’t matter what others are saying. Though, this person will listen to the opinion of others but he will exercise his own will and mind to take decisions. Which is one of the reasons he would also come across as a unique person.

So, here are some quick ways to be self motivated every single time-

1. Decide what treat you would give yourself once you have accomplished your goal

2. It is always important to look at the bigger picture. When you visualise the bigger picture small obstacles won’t matter much to you

3. Start with the tasks which are the most challenging. Not saying that you should get stuck with the toughest task but it’ll at least make other smaller tasks look way easier

4.Look up to people you idealize. Read about them, watch their videos and see how they had started

5. Create fun spots in your tasks. We know this can’t be done every time but whenever you get the chance add a fun activity which’ll make your journey towards your goal happier and easier

How Is  Motivation Related to Psychology?

how motivation related to phychology

As per psychologists, motivation is your desire to act or behave in a certain manner. It involves emotional, social, biological and cognitive forces which direct your behaviour in a certain manner. When you are motivated you are able to learn in a much better manner and have better cognitive abilities.  

Psychologically, motivation can further be broken down into three components namely –

Activation: This is a stage where you decide to initiate a certain behaviour

Persistence: At this stage, you continuously make efforts to achieve goals. What’s important to see is that even if the obstacles appear, you would continue to strive hard.

Intensity: this is the amount of energy that you put in to accomplish a task. Motivation subconsciously assigns the right amount of energy in you.  


So, now you know what motivation is and the importance and role of motivation in daily life. Go ahead, get some motivation and accomplish your goals with flying colours. We have got tons and tons of enlightening content on how you can practice mental and physical well being, so stay tuned and keep reading Calm Sage.

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