What does the law of vibration say? Ways To Raise Your Vibration

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The Law of Vibration is one of the basic laws of the universe. In fact the most famous law of attraction comes second to the law of vibration. The law of vibration can be used in your favor, want to know how?

We will discuss the law of vibration and ways to raise your vibration so that it can benefit you in many ways. According to physics, the law of vibration means that we are all made of energies and each energy is vibrating at its own frequency.

Simply put, nothing is at rest, everything is moving at its own pace according to the universal law of vibration. But, how will this law of vibration affect our state of mind? Let’s find out..

What Does The Law Of Vibration Mean?


By now you know that each particle/molecule in this universe is vibrating or we can say it has a vibrational energy. Every human being has a set of different types of energies and each form of energy is moving (vibrating) continuously.

What does the law of vibration mean in relation to your mind, you wonder?

Well, do you remember a time when you felt someone else’s emotions or became self aware and recognised your own feelings and thoughts? Yes? This happens when you come in contact with the vibrational energy of the other person or yourself.

We all have different vibrational energies which move in different frequencies. When the frequency of two different energies match, you can feel the vibrational energy of someone else or your own. And that’s how, my friend, the Law Of Vibration works for our mind.

How Does The Law Of Vibration Affect Our Thoughts And Emotions?

Our thoughts, feelings and emotions are all made up of energies and the law of vibration states that nothing is static. Therefore, our thoughts, feelings and emotions are also vibrating at different frequencies.

If you are having positive thoughts, feelings and emotions you are experiencing positive vibrational energy and if you are having negative thoughts, feelings and emotions you’re in negative vibrational energy.

Two or more energies that vibrate in a similar/same frequency tend to attract each other, synchronize their vibrations and move together. So, if you have negative vibrational energy, you’re most likely to attract other negative thoughts, emotions or feelings (negative energies) and in terms of positive vibrational energy, you tend to attract positive energy.

Whatever you send to the universe comes back to you! Doesn’t it make sense now? Whatever kind of energy (negative or positive) you send to the universe, you’re going to get the same back. Is that why our elders always tell us to tell us to think positive?

Ways To Raise Your Vibrations (Positive)

way- to- raise-your-vibration

The Law of vibration is a universal law, it may or may not work in your favor. But, there are a few ways, other than thinking positive, you can make the law of vibration work in your favor. Want to know how?

Here you go;

1. Express gratitude: when you are grateful about things, people, opportunities, etc in your life, your vibrational energy spikes up. So, make sure you express gratitude by saying it out loud or writing it down or just saying it in your head.

2.Replace your negative thoughts with positive: there are various ways of doing that, one of the simplest ways to replace negative with positive thought is to question your negative thought and counter it by at least 3-5 positive thoughts. For example, replace “I Can’t Do It” With “Ofcourse, I Can Do It because I am smart, I am capable, I can work hard, etc.

3.Consume a healthy diet: our mind and body are connected, the healthier the body, healthier is going to be the mind. Food that is rich in fiber will increase your vibrational energy. See it for yourself, tomorrow you eat only high fiber food like fruits, green vegetables, etc and record your state of mind by the end of the day.

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4.Avoid Gossiping: when you express negative feelings or thoughts about someone you become the house of negative vibrational energy which can spread to many around you. So, try not to engage in gossiping.

5.Laugh out loud: a smile is more powerful than many weapons. Try to find and laugh as much as you can because it’s a shortcut to raise your vibration.

6.Surround yourself with positive vibrational energy: this simply means that you should be with positive people, who spread positivity. If you want to be more successful, be with successful people, if you want to be strong, spend time with strong people, etc.

7.Practice mindfulness: practicing mindfulness is one of the best ways to increase and raise your vibrations. Make sure you take out some time from your busy life to practice mindfulness every single day.

That’s All Folks!

I hope you enjoyed reading this tiny information about the law of vibration and learnt different ways to raise your vibrations. There are various energies in this universe, it’s up to you which ones you choose to attract.

Keep a distance from things, people, etc that don’t give you a good vibe, trust your instincts and do things that spread positive vibrations.

Thanks for reading!

Take care and stay safe.

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