Improving Self-Worth & Other Mental Health Benefits of Flirting

Last Update on August 1, 2022 : Published on August 20, 2021
Why is flirting good for your mental health

Sue Ostler, the author of Rocking Relationships, says that flirting can improve mood and can reduce stress in an individual.

Did you know that flirting can also benefit your mental health? Although nobody is looking for a reason to flirt these days, what if it’s a good one?

If you were thinking that healthy flirting could only help you get your crush’s attention, then you’re completely mistaken. By flirting I mean healthy flirting and not flirting to an extent that the other person becomes uncomfortable. Flirting should be mutual.

Flirting can help in improving your mental health. According to some research flirting can be considered as a powerful tool in making us feel good about ourselves. It also helps in generating positive energy.

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According to another study conducted by the University of Washington, healthy office flirting reduces stress among employees and also keeps their mood elevated.

Did you ever think of flirting this way? Honestly, I never did.

Having said that, there are two sides to a coin. Flirting can also have a negative impact on your mental health.

But first let’s look at how flirting benefits our mental health…

The Positive Impact of Flirting on Mental Health

1. Boosts Confidence.

Our lives are filled with things we may not like. We experience varied emotions throughout. Some help us grow but some pull us down. All of us have had situations like the time when your boss is not happy with your work or your people around you make fun of the way you look/ behave, etc.

Our confidence is literally shattered. Believe it or not you can flirt your way out of this no confidence stage. When we flirt and the other responds, we begin to build back our confidence. We feel accepted and wanted and this helps in bringing back the lost confidence.

2. Build Self-Esteem.

When you indulge in healthy flirting, all the body image issues and self-doubts begin to fade away. In the process of flirting we tend to move out of your comfort zone. We unknowingly try to overcome those tiny doubts that we have about ourselves.

Our self-esteem gets a boost when we get a response from the other person. Flirting helps in pushing away the self-deprecating thoughts. It builds confidence and confidence improves our self-esteem.

3. Relieves Stress.

Light flirting does not harm anyone. There have been studies proving that flirting has reduced stress in people at work place. Healthy casual flirting with peers can lighten up the mood. Although flirting should be avoided with seniors.

Casual flirting helps you forget about your problems for some time. It can be a temporary solution. Those 5 minutes of healthy flirting relaxes your mind which helps you in dealing with a stressful day.

4. Improves Your Communication Skills.

Flirting involves a lot of talking and listening. Flirting is all about how spontaneous you are. It helps you build your listening skills because to come up with the witty replies you need to listen to what has been said.

Your body language and communication skills are the most important things that are mastered in order to flirt successfully. The more people you interact with, your interaction skills will sharpen even more.

5. Strengthens Relationships.

You should always move towards having a spark in your relationship. The more fun you have with your partner, the better your life will be. Having a good and happy relationship can also reduce the amount of stress you experience in life.

Flirting can help in bringing back the lost fun in the relationship. It is important to give life to your relationship from time to time and flirting can do just that.

6. Makes you feel good about yourself.

Flirting is not always about making the other person feel good. While flirting you indirectly make yourself feel good. Because the fact that you are getting attention means that you are likeable. The self-worth gets a boost when you feel accepted and wanted.

When can Flirting Go Wrong?

Well, everything needs a balance. Whenever the balance goes off things start to go downhill. Likewise flirting can also go wrong. There can be negative impacts of flirting too.

Let’s see what they are

1. You will not always get a response, which is not a problem. Your reaction to no response can be a problem. If you take it to your heart, it’s only going to make your condition worse. Do not confuse no response with rejection. They are two completely different things.

2. Sometimes you may get a strong response. Such strong responses can cut deep. So you should keep things light and such situations don’t shy away from apologizing. You ever know in what state of mind the other person is.

3. You or the other may cross your limits in the heat of the moment. This can scar you for life. Do not push too hard. Some days are good and some are not. Try to develop acceptance to the uncertainty of things in life.

4. If things don’t go according to plan it can be a little stressful for you. That’s why not trying to control everything around is the way to go. Go with the flow, you’ll be lucky one day and you’ll get another chance the other day.

Flirting is not a technical skill that you need to perfect. You will trip and fall but you’ll surely learn something new each day. Keep it simple. Keep it light. It’s just a tiny getaway from your fast-paced stressful life.

Flirting generates positivity and also elevates mood. The little things we do to keep ourselves mentally healthy is all that matters. If flirting can benefit us there’s no harm in going for it. If nothing at least you can turn a stranger into a friend.

You cannot always be serious in life. You need a little bit of sparkle in life!

Do comment and tell me did flirting ever help you get out of something awful?

Thank you for reading.

Take care! Stay safe!

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