7 Best Online Life Coaching Services Of 2024

Last Update on February 27, 2024 : Published on November 7, 2022

A life coach is a well-trained professional that helps people in analyzing their obstacles and provides a new perspective on life so that people can succeed optimistically in their life (be it a career, relationship, or daily challenges).

If you are struggling to get back on the right track, clarify your priorities, accomplish your goals, or increase your self-awareness lately, a life coach can help you attain great fulfillment in your life.

The ongoing trend of digital services and new advancements in technology has led life coaches to establish their talent and skills online. Luckily, there are thousands of life coach services on online platforms.

Online life coaching services are always one of the best options because you receive valuable advice from your safe space. In this blog, I have evaluated the 7 best online life coaching services that will help fuel up your professional and personal growth.

7 Best Life Coaching Services Online

1. Blush


Visit: Blush 

Price: Subscription plan begin from $99 per month

Appointment Types: Video call and texting

Blush Life Coaching was founded in 2014 by Kali Rogers. It is a safe space specially created for young women and girls who want to work on their goals and issues. This platform is an “all-women staff” that helps in empowering women. This makes Blush one of the Best Life Coach Services for Women. Moreover, other genders can also enroll for bringing positive changes.

The specialty of Blush is that the coaches are referred to as “generalists” because they can help with a broad range of issues like career, self-esteem, life crisis, setting boundaries, and more.

2. Your Online Life Coach


Visit: Your Online Life Coach 

Price: Free Discovery Call

Appointment Types: Video calls, phone calls, or text messages

Your Online Life Coach is one of the best platforms because it helps in empowering clients regardless of their backgrounds or ethnicities. It focuses on personal growth, achievement, and transformation by encapsulating mindfulness in the client.

The coaches help in taking major-life changing steps so that the personal identity of the client can be strengthened. Moreover, the coaches also help in creating plans that empower their creativity and authenticity.

3. Lifecoach.com


Visit: Lifecoach.com

Price: Subscription plans begin from $400 per month

Appointment Types: Phone call

Life Coach was founded two decades ago by Talane Meidaner who also wrote the best-selling book named “Coach Yourself to Success: The Secret Laws of Attraction and Coach Yourself to a New Career.” This platform is best for providing life coaching services to entrepreneurs, public officials, and executives worldwide.

The specialties of a Life Coach include financial freedom, happiness, career, relationships, and love. This platform is best for business and career coaching.

4. Pride Counseling


Price: Subscription plans begin from $240 per month

Appointment Types: Video calls, audio calls, chat, and messaging

Pride Counseling is a child platform of BetterHelp. Pride counseling is one of the well-known online platforms that also provide therapy services. It is one of the best platforms created in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Many therapists provide life coaching services in Pride Counseling, but it does not provide life coaching exclusively. Pride counseling is an accredited platform with experienced professionals.

5. BetterUp


Visit: BetterUp 

Price: Subscription plans begin from $89 per month

Appointment Types: Video call, audio call, and text

BetterUp is one of the best life coaching platforms for career development. It mainly focuses on professional development. It is one of the modern technology platforms that use AI technology to train clients across the world.

It was founded in 2013 and has well-established itself after Prince Harry joined the company as Chief Impact officer. The goal of BetterUp is to inspire, challenge, encourage, and help clarify the needs.

6. Ama La Vida


Visit: Ama La Vida 

Price: Subscription plans begin from $339 per month

Appointment Types: Video Call

Ama La Vida (ALV) is one of the unique and comprehensive platforms I was able to find because it comes with a structured coaching process with the aim of providing liberty within a framework. This platform is also certified by the “International Coach Federation.” This means that ALV meets all the standards and people can easily look after it for improving their professional and personal life.

7. Couples Therapy Inc.


Visit: Couples Therapy Inc. 

Price: Subscription plans begin from $119 per session

Appointment Type: Video Chat

As the name implies, Couples Therapy Inc. is specially created for relationship and marriage counseling. It can also be used for parenting, sobriety, affair recovery, infidelity, blended families, and neurodiversity-related issues.

The goal of Couple Therapy Inc is to provide relationship advice through their self-guided courses. The first lesson of all courses is free; therefore, you can try and check how effective it can be for you.

I hope this blog helps you with the 7 best life coaching online platforms. Comment down your pick from the list above. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

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