Podcast Ep. 14 – Way to Happiness is Not Through Desperate Actions

Way to Happiness is Not Through

Chasing happiness is normal but it cannot make us happy, because rushing after something only makes us desperate. Therefore, instead of being desperate to feel happy we should sit down and think about what we want to do. Going after unattainable things that we believe could make us happy won’t do any good. Hence, think about the actions that we can take and will make us happy.

In this podcast, we will talk about these things and myths related to happiness.

Most myths come from the society we live in like to stay happy you need to stay away from negative thoughts, you cannot be sad, grieve, etc. But what do these emotions teach us? These emotions make us recognize what is happiness. Therefore, hiding from them or ignoring them does no good. To understand happiness, we need to face hardship, failure, negative emotions, etc. If we can feel that then only we will be able to feel positive emotions or success? Further, never define success based on what others define it. This will lead to more problems. For everyone, there’s a different definition of success you need to understand that, and then only you can find the source of happiness. Also, happiness does not depend on size. Irrespective of size, what truly makes you happy is what we need to learn.

So, with this positivity let’s listen to the podcast and learn more about happiness.


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