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Activities to Add in Your To-Do List

5 Activities to Add in Your To-Do List For A Longer Life

What activities do you have in your everyday to-do list? Gardening? Taking your dog for a walk? Cooking your favorite meal? Or Listening to your favorite movie? We...
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Feel Proud Of Yourself If You Are Doing These Activities Everyday

Lacking confidence or feeling worthless? Make yourself a priority today and undertake these activities daily! What’s Your Score Card? Effects of depression may have got you to the...
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emotional intelligence

Activities to Improve your Emotional Intelligence | Try Them Now

The notion of Intelligence is no more confined to the concept of ability to solve problems or do good in academics; it has successfully moved beyond it and...
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Lockdown-guide-Thing-to-do-that-will-make-you-happy (1)

COVID-19 Lockdown Guide: List of Activities to Keep You Happy and Engaged

With COVID-19 lockdown setting people in isolation and social-distancing zones we all are looking for ways to keep ourselves busy and distracted. But, amid this chaos, we are...
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Cognitive health strategies

Cognitive Health: Strategies To Boost It & Keep Your Brain Young

It is a known fact that the brain changes as the age changes. However, it is also true that the brain is the most important organ of the...
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Signs you are using passive aggresive behavior

Passive Aggressive Behavior: Signs You Are Using It To Cope

Passive aggressive behavior means expressing yourself in an indirect aggression rather than being upfront and direct. People dealing with passive aggression often find it painful to confront their...
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Pollution And Mental Health| How These Two Are Related and Why It Should Concern You

If you hear the word “Pollution” what are the first few things that are likely to come to your mind. Environment, life, hazardous impact on your physical health,...
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Trick your brain to do hard things

How To Trick Your Brain To Do Hard Things

There are times when you don’t want to work because of its challenging nature and procrastination is the only option you choose. No motivation is left but a...
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Is Staying Busy Your Coping Mechanism

Is ‘Staying Busy’ Your Coping Mechanism?

“I wanted to figure out why I was so busy, but I couldn't find the time to do it.” - Todd Stocker The art of staying busy all...
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