Self-Care Strategies For Busy Parents!

Last Update on January 4, 2023 : Published on January 4, 2023
Self-Care For Parents

Parenting can be tough and exhausting. In this busy world of ours, we believe we have superpowers and that we can do anything. Having such beliefs is not wrong but ignoring your own need to rest and recoup is wrong.

Why Is Self-Care For Parents Important?


You can be a superwoman/superman only when you know how to strike a balance. Taking care of your child is your priority but how will you do it if your body and mind are exhausted? You need to give your mind and body some rest so that you can take better care of your child.

Most parents are juggling between work and taking care of their babies. It is good if you can do both and even if you can’t, there’s nothing wrong with it. Focusing on one thing at a time is a good step for your child and your personal growth.

However, not everyone has the liberty to do that hence they have to make the extra effort and juggle between personal and professional life. Finding time for self-care is extremely difficult when your lives are so busy.

We have found a solution for you. Today we will be talking about various (big and small) self-care activities that you can engage in even when you don’t have enough time to spare.

Shall we begin?

Self-Care For Busy Parents (1 Minute)

(When you are too busy to not spare more than a minute for yourself)

  1. Use Candles: we need you to spare just one minute from your busy life and light a candle in your room, office, or bathroom. You can use scented candles with essential oils and just relax for a minute whenever you can spare that one minute.
  2. Try box breathing: it does not take much time, in fact, you can do it exactly in one minute. It is a very interesting and easy-to-do technique that helps you calm yourself down. Click here to learn how to practice box breathing.
  3. Laugh a little: according to research, smiling and laughing can increase dopamine in your brain, making you feel much better. Do whatever you can do to bring that smile to your face.
  4. Get a hug: physical and affectionate touch can make you feel much better and relaxed. When you lead a busy life, something as simple as a hug can also work its charm. Get a hug from your loved ones especially when you feel low.

Self-care For Parents

Self-care For Parents  (5 minutes)

  1. Talk to a loved one: sometimes just letting out difficult and troubling emotions can help you calm down and not feel burnt out. It makes you feel heard and loved and that feeling itself can give you strength to face daily challenges.
  2. Have a relaxing shower routine: allow yourself a nice hot water bath, massage your body, and do some breathing exercises. Do not shower in a hurry, allow yourself to feel the warmth and let your muscles relax.
  3. Make yourself a healthy snack: while you are preparing meals for your children and family, spend 5 more minutes in the kitchen and make yourself a snack that you’ll enjoy. You owe it to your health and your happiness.
  4. Declutter or clean: cleaning things has proven to be relaxing and de-stressing. Spend 5 minutes of your day cleaning something. You can clean your table or your dressing room or the living room. An organized home will help you relax.

These are a few ways you can indulge in self-care even when you do not have much time. In this busy world, managing to parent and work together can be a little exhausting. Sometimes we fail to understand that a tiny thing that doesn’t take much time can also help us relax.

Self-care doesn’t always need to be time-consuming. These self-care strategies can be used on a daily basis, however, at least once a week give yourself 1 hour to relax. There are various self-care activities that you can engage in so once a week or every 15 days, allow yourself to relax for a longer period.

But through the week you can engage in these quick self-care activities so that you don’t feel burnt out. Parenting is not easy and all parents deserve some self-care time. If you are a busy parent, do give these a try, and I assure you you’ll feel much better.

That’s All Folks!

I hope you found this blog about self-care for parents helpful, informative, and interesting. Do share this blog with your friends and family so that we can all allow ourselves those tiny bursts of self-care on a daily basis.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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