10 Bold Signs Of Dating A Narcissist (& What Can Be Done About It)

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narcissistic personality disorder

When someone you are dating absorbs all your moments by making everything about them, you might be dating a narcissist. Well, that is not alone! This ruins the relationship as you constantly crave for your importance and are even tired of giving everything to them. Although mild narcissism could be handled to a certain extent, the real issue erupts with someone who is dealing with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

This mental health condition can be seen through narcissistic symptoms like:

  • Not being empathetic to anyone
  • Giving excessive importance to oneself
  • Forming troubled relationships with others
  • The need for excessive attention and self-admiration

Severe narcissism is also known as a pathological disorder which could range from mild to extreme cases and needs to be checked. Narcissistic behavior is not necessarily noticed in a romantic relationship but also in between friends, colleagues, and other environments where the person finds it difficult to engage with others. Although let’s find out some narcissist symptoms or those signs which denote you are dating a narcissist.

Signs You Are Dating A Narcissist

Signs You Are Dating A Narcissist

1. Everything Is About Them

When you talk to a narcissist, you will notice that they are not actually listening to you but waiting to speak about themselves only. Yes, they love to talk about themselves and even interrupt the conversation to steer in their own way.

Sometimes they start the conversation in order to learn more about you but this is just one way to tell you more about themselves. Later, they believe that their own opinion is right, no matter how illogical it is.

2. There Is No Sign Of Empathy

It can be seen that narcissists lack empathy and cannot feel what another person is feeling. As they cannot judge the emotions of others, they simply flow in their own wind. If you are dating a narcissistic person, you will find that your partner does not actually care how your day at work or what the problems are you are going through in your professional life.

Some people with narcissistic characteristics show sympathy towards the other person but some of them totally avoid it, leading to a collapsed relationship.

3. They Act As A Gaslighter

Two types of narcissists could be categorized; one is very extroverted and can easily charm others whereas the other is opposite to the case. They are very introverted, vulnerable, and lack confidence within themselves.

Both of these personalities could gaslight their partner by manipulating their thoughts and emotions in their own manner. Where extroverts can try to press down your views boldly, introverts can evoke pity within you to gain their own means.

4. They Cheat On You

Narcissists find themselves on a happy side when they are being praised by many people or the sense of self-validation matters most. In fact, research claimed that people who cheated most times displayed the highest level of sexual narcissism. Their encounters even include sexual exploitation and lack of sexual empathy.

5. They Don’t Have Long Term Friends

Narcissists don’t have real and long term friends. They may know a lot of other people but they don’t have a meaningful relationship with them. This is one of the reasons that they don’t even let you enjoy your own friend circle or rather make you feel guilty about being with your friends.

In fact, bad publicity of your friends or berating you about the people you hang out with is one other characteristic of narcissistic personality.

6. They Hardly Apologize (Considering They Are Always Right)

Another sign of a narcissist is you can’t have an argument or healthy discussion with them. You pick up a subject and they define their answer as the only one correct. You can see that they don’t hear you in depth, try understanding your point of view, never compromise or even don’t take responsibility for their actions.

The first thing that comes to mind is never to argue with this person and the next leads to a declining relationship.

7. No Romantic Relationship Is Permanent To Them

Psychologists have noticed that romantic relationships with narcissists go smoothly in the first few months but they decline suddenly later. It is because they tend to exploit their partner until some good times but later begin to control the relationship or start cheating with others. Their shallow attitude is the reason for the dead-end.

8. Excessive Attention To Physical Appearance

Although there is no harm in maintaining your own looks, narcissistic characteristics show them very organized by wearing flashy and branded clothing and making sure that they are well-prepared before stepping out. Narcissist men regularly work out to flaunt their muscles whereas narcissist women make sure that they spend good money on dresses and makeup items.

9. They Throw Grand Statements

Without realizing the gravity of the situation, they make sure to grab the attention of people around them believing that it brings charm and admiration to them. Instead of being hopeful and thankful for good things in life, they assert themselves as perfect people. In fact, some narcissists claim that they know a famous celebrity personally or compare themselves with others to come into the limelight.

 10. Panic When You Want To Move On

During a breakup, it is obvious that your partner tries to stop you but narcissists try really hard to keep you back in their life, whether you like it or not. They even try to threaten or hurt you if you tell them about abandoning them.

Once you finally move on, their jealousy takes them to a new relationship so that the ego could also be healed. It is possible that your friends have heard a lot of bad things about you after the breakup because of your partner’s narcissistic personality.

So What To Do IF You Are Dating A Narcissist?

Being in a relationship with a person having NPD symptoms puts your mental health in a bad shape. Moreover, suppression of thoughts and regular criticizing can put you in an emotional turmoil. In fact, dating them for some time have already sent you these signals. So the only solution is to brace yourself for breakup.

This may sound heartbreaking to you but dating a narcissist would suffocate you in near future. Take some time alone and remind yourself that this is not what you want, you deserve better. Stay around with empathetic friends or join a social support group. Give yourself a chance to see a counselor or drop us a message at info@calmsage.com for fruitful interaction.

However, we don’t say that narcissists can’t change themselves. If you feel that you want to help them one last time before taking a major step, don’t hesitate to ask them for a relationship therapy visit or else the relationship is going to only fail.

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