Unplug To Unwind: 5 Simple Ways To Unplug & Be More Mindful

Last Update on May 18, 2022 : Published on March 13, 2021
Unplug To Unwind

These days everything we do is controlled by technology – from our homes to work and life. This constant interference of technology in our lives has caused us to forget what it was like to play outside for hours or taking strolls in the park without constantly checking our phones.

More and more people – and children – are spending their time online. In some studies, it was found that the more people spend time online, the more their chances of risking depression, phone addiction, and other mental health concerns.

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Unfortunately, in today’s time, spending time online and in front of the screen has become the norm. We are so used to checking in on our social media accounts, binge-watching TV shows or movies, and spending time playing video games that we have truly forgotten the meaning of unplugging and unwinding.

This ‘not being able to part from our phones’ problem can lead you to develop sleep problems, affect your productivity, hinder your relationships, and can cause emotional and mental distress.

unplugging and unwinding

“Being connected to everything has disconnected us from ourselves and the preciousness of this present moment.” – L.M. Browning

Disconnecting from technology can be very helpful for you as this downtime can encourage you to pursue a hobby, spend time with your friends and family, complete household chores, etc. which you’ve been putting off for a long time.

In the race to catch up with the changing time, we are forgetting how to live without the support of our phones, laptops, and tablets. Instead of creating memories, we are busy storing them in a hard drive or too busy creating the “perfect angle” for a picture to upload on social media that we don’t know what it is like to live in the moment.

Here are some simple ways you can disconnect and unplug for a more mindful living:

Mindful Ways To Unplug & Unwind

1. Turn Off Notifications

Turn Off Notifications
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The first thing you need to do to unplug is to turn off your phone notifications. As soon as we hear a notification drop on our phones – whether it is something of importance or not – we are tempted to check it. When you’re not working and are not required to call, text, or return an email – turn off your phone (or put it on silent mode). This way you won’t be tempted and keep getting distracted.

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2. Set A Boundary

I know it’s hard to stay away from your phone when it keeps buzzing with incoming texts, calls, and emails but setting a boundary on what to reply, who to reply, and when to reply should be heeded. Create a rule; no phone on the dinner table, no replying to work emails after work hours, no phones when in the company of your loved ones, etc.

3. Connect With Nature

Connect With Nature

One of the best ways that I believe can help you disconnect is being in nature. Take a walk in the park near you or your garden without your phone. Just be in the moment. Listen to the chirps and tweets of the birds, breath in some fresh air, soak in the warm rays of the sun. Did you know that Vitamin D – which we can get from sunlight – is amazing for our mind, body, and soul?

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4. Learn A New Hobby

Learn A New Hobby

When we are bored and have nothing to do, we often look for our phones to overcome our boredom. One of the best ways to unplug is to learn a new hobby. Read a book (a paperback not an e-book), listen to some music on your radio or vinyl record player, cook with your loved one, or create some art. Keep yourself engaged; this way you won’t get the time to constantly check your phone.

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5. Track Your Usage

Tracking your usage can help you limit the time you spend on your phone or in front of a screen. Every phone has its tracking settings – use them! Set a goal, for example, you’ll spend 10 minutes on your phone daily apart from work. Keeping track of how much time you’re spending on your phone can help you cut back on screen time and get you to focus on other things happening around you.

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Final Thoughts

Unplugging and living your life

Unplugging and living your life by being more mindful can help you strengthen your relationships with your friends and family, boost creativity and build focus, increase gratitude, and most of all decrease your stress and give you time to simply be.

Disconnecting from technology can be good for our mental and physical well-being. It can give us time to think about our future and more importantly – focus on our present. When we are relaxed we give our mind and body to recharge.

If you’re struggling with managing stress and your mental wellness, you can write to us at info@calmsage.com for support and guidance.

Take a day off and just be…

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