Wait! Slow Down In Life With These 5 Ways & Make It Worth Living.

Last Update on May 18, 2021 : Published on September 25, 2020
Slow Down In Life With These Ways & Pamper Yourself

Life could be pretty challenging for many of us. Boarding a train to reach the office in a rush, picking up lunch from the nearby store, working hard for 8 hours straight, playing with your kid at home, and finally dozing off; Oh dear, we know this is the reality. But there is a darker side to this reality which many of us often fail to notice; the lifestyle quality.

However, it is also true that some people are not able to slow down due to financial constraints but a little bit of effort in the right place could change their life quality. It also motivates them to make better financial decisions in the future. Hence, it becomes a necessity to find out how to slow down in life and make it better.

Why Not To Hurry?

Why Not To Hurry

Next time when you are in a hurry, notice your actions with a full conscious mind.

  • Do you check your watch often?
  • Do you check your phone to find if there are any calls?
  • Tap your feet on the ground impatiently or rush everywhere?

With that, notice if you are ready to help anyone in your surroundings when in a hurry? Or are you actually being thankful to them for good deeds?

Well, an independent study in 2013 explained that when someone is rushing in the zone of ‘Time Urgency’, they feel that there is a shortage of time and the performance of tasks is always cluttered. This rush could simply place them in a stressful situation which neither allows for meaningful conversations nor even leave them in egocentric behavior.

How To Slow Down In Life & Relax?

1. Turn Off All The Notifications

Whenever your phone pops up notifications, you simply become a puppet and keep following the trail. One notification is followed by other posts and finally you end up wasting your precious time. Now what can you do is resist the urge of picking your phone every single time it asks you to. You can even use various applications to notice the screen time and make sure that ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode is enabled when focusing.

Believe it or not, you will be able to notice a positive change in your life within a week’s period. When commuting between workplace and home, spend time by looking at people, connect with them through real conversations or simply enjoy the fresh air from the car’s window. It helps you to be in the moment and enjoy the present time with full consciousness, without phone pinging and distracting you.

2. Practice Acts Of Kindness

Kindness is one of the most effective ways to reduce anxiety, slow down in your life and cherish the moments of happiness. You don’t need to invest or put any extra effort into your acts, starting with donating a piece of clothing to the poor or buying a burger for the homeless would simply make you feel better within yourself.

3. Bore Down For Sometime

Boredom is the source of creativity. If you feel like you should do something, relax and back down. Get ready to bore yourself but don’t let your mind occupy you with a number of thoughts. It could be 10 minutes during your office break or 10 minutes before dozing off. During this time, you can either use your imagination to make your life worthy or use visualization techniques to attract and construct your dreams.

4. Be Friends With Everyone, For A Moment

You may think that how it will help one to slow down in life then you may need to know that striking a conversation with random people could make you aware of a different environment. When traveling or having lunch in the break hours, do not refrain from joining your colleagues. Look into the eyes of a person and you find an opportunity to dive into a new world. For that, you just need to take a break from the screen, share your identity and become a valuable being.

5. Practice Loving-Kindness Meditation

Welcome compassion in your lives and improve your interpersonal relationships with loving-kindness meditation. It helps you to slow down and relax with creation of empathy, sympathy and altruism.

This meditation technique needs you to sit in peace at a comfortable place, close your eyes and relax all the muscles. Take a few deep breaths and focus on the energy, strength and confidence within. Now, assure yourself to be happy, peaceful and healthy. Once you repeat it for yourself, repeat it for your loved ones, someone you are neutral about and someone you don’t even gel with. This meditation technique is for everyone and stills everything for a while for goodness.


Slowing down in life is all about giving yourself some time to think of every aspect surrounding you or inside you. It is an essential step to gain mindfulness about yourself rather than running haphazardly from one place to another. If you are someone who hasn’t stopped for a long time then you must learn how to slow down and relax today.

About The Author

Akanksha Soni
Akanksha Soni

Akanksha is an active lifestyle blogger and writer at Calmsage. She has learnt various lessons on happiness and methods to fight depression through 'Gurus' as well as own experiences. An ardent practitioner of Yoga and meditation, she keeps traveling, writes and interacts with people to feel alive.


  1. Aayushi Kapoor
    Aayushi Kapoor

    Loving kindness meditation is one of my fav thing to do 😇

  2. Rashmi Kandhil
    Rashmi Kandhil

    Turning off notifications is something I liked the most.

  3. Ahana

    Yes, Akansha when we are in a hurry, we feel there is a shortage of time and check our smartphone or watch..

  4. Sanya Wolfe
    Sanya Wolfe

    With a hectic schedule, slowing down almost seems impossible but I still manage to take some time off-screen and go for a walk or listen to an audiobook at that time. I appreciate your approach to this subject. Well done!

  5. Akanksha

    Very nicely written.

  6. Pixie Dust
    Pixie Dust

    I couldn't agree more! We are being the Hamster in the wheel. just working non-stop. You have suggested some great ways to slow things down. I think for me it is "bore down for some time" that helps me the most. Will try others too!

  7. CHTN

    in this continuously non stop running life, being unplugged is essential.

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