5 Best Habit Tracker Apps in 2023 To Keep Your Mental Health Right

Last Update on December 13, 2022 : Published on December 17, 2020
Best habit tracker apps

Everyday is a fresh start! And your goals are defined by your habits. Yes, we agree that new habits are hard to keep but they say that if habits go for 21 days then they become a part of your life. However, some others say that it has to go for 66 days. In all cases, how would you like it if a habit tracker app reminds you to speed up your goals regardless of any other work then you are making a huge difference in your life? Good, right?

Moreover, your regularity avoids procrastination as well as keep you aware of the effects. However, there are some habits like smoking or biting your own lips due to a certain disorder that couldn’t be avoided due to their bold presence in life. Considering it all, feel lucky to have any of the best habit tracker apps in your phone which is a guide and help to bring out your best side.

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Best Habit Tracker Apps:

1. Habitify

Available: Android, iPhone, macOS, Web

Price: Free; in-app purchases available


All the habits that you want to stick with can actually stay along with Habitify! You can actually group your habits by time or different areas of your life and find out the daily performance with insightful charts. Do not worry if you fail to complete or skip them, complete the precise tracking support chart. If you complete them all, get rewarded with beautiful streaks to make your day amazing.

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With the Premium access, put a privacy lock on your data, archive the habits, and get additional features for overall habitual success.

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2. Habitica

Available: Android & iOS

Price: Free; in-app purchases available


How about a habit tracker app which not only keeps track of your habit but also its organization makes you creative? Habitica wants you to treat your life like a real game where accomplishing goals are fun. You can create a custom avatar and add features like armor, pets, skills and quests.

While tracking your habits, you can join in with your friends, fight monsters and win the award that lets you watch episodes of your favorite TV show. Focus on your goals, achieve them and keep motivating yourself for more!

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3. Coach.me

Available: Android, iOS & Web

Price: Free


This free habit tracker is meant to change your life by letting you achieve the mastery of habits. If you fail in some tasks, it makes sure that world class coaches pull you up once again. Joining the in-built community of coach.me would develop the growth mindset, power of positive reinforcement and gives you motivation for external accountability.

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One can find a number of success stories of improved habits and motivational coaches who guide throughout the journey of positivity.

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4. Beeminder

Available: Android & iOS

Price: Free


The trickiest part of this habit tracker app is that you have to pay them money when the goal remains incomplete. Isn’t that a solid motivation? Well, Beeminder is a push to complete your tasks that are long awaited like sleeping on time, working out, practicing a new skill, riding a bike, cleaning emails and what not.

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5: Strides

Available: iOS

Price: Free; in-app purchases


Whether you have good habits or bad, Strides can hold you accountable and even keep you motivated for life. This habit tracking app presents your progress and finds your target goal by specific date, weekly, monthly or yearly target. Build your daily checklist and get reminders for unfinished tasks to break the streak.

So, let’s get organized with this habit tracker app. Thanks to the unlimited reminders to get your tasks done!

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We hope that you have found the best habit tracker apps of your choice and you will be able to stick with it all through the phase of positivity. 2022 is almost here and we are sure that habit tracker apps will keep you going to achieve the tasks that were defined impossible by now!

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