5 Mother’s Day Gifts That Promote Mental Wellness

Last Update on September 19, 2023 : Published on May 2, 2022

What are the odds that May is the month of mental awareness and celebration of motherhood, Mother’s Day?

Well, putting aside all the odds, the month of May is dedicated to two important M’s of our lives Mother and Mental Health.

We all love our MOM! Don’t we?

From being our creator to cradle, comfy cushion to constant support, she has always been there for us. She definitely deserves to be treated with the best each day. But, if it is a day solely dedicated to her then why not give her something special? Other than a bunch of flowers or Pandora charm!!!

And if you are wondering what is the best gift for mothers day you can give her, just pass this gift box here to her.

Best Mother’s Day Gift

This box has 5 promises that promote mental wellness. Well, there is nothing better than amping up her mental health!

She knows the best ways to boost her mental well-being but with being so absorbed in playing the role of mother she tends to forget it! Let us remind her to take care of mental health as proactively as she takes care of us.

This Mother’s Day share this blog and gift box with her; gift her mental health and wellness.

Motherhood is undoubtedly the most beautiful journey and bliss to enjoy. But, with all the perks to offer it requires a mother to invest her time, efforts, and emotions. In the midst of all this as a mother, as a woman, and as an individual, moms forget to take care of their mental health.

Well, not anymore! Because we are working on it this Mother’s Day. It is the ultimate shield MOMs need for a happier and healthier life. Plus, a strong mom leads a strong family!

So with all the power that rests in you, time to level it up by adding the ultimate gear of mental wellness to it! Let us unbox this gift of five flourishing promises this Mother’s Day.

Promise 1: Enjoy your Time ALONE

When was the last time you sat on the patio with a warm mug of coffee and engaged in self-thoughts? Almost like a decade before? Let me emphasize here on one important aspect- self-thoughts. The times when you are neither thinking of what to pack in your child’s lunchbox nor the meeting scheduled with a client next week.

Rather, you just chose to think about yourself and your life. Rare, right?  But, it is important to have self-time. It allows you to self-introspect and brings peace to you. I hope by now you know the promise that this best Mother’s Day gift holds and you have to make to yourselves.

This Mother’s Day I promise to spend a minimum of 30 minutes with myself and my thoughts alone. A mug of coffee or tea may accompany you. (Nothing else)

Enjoy your Time ALONE

Promise 2: Savor your LIFE

Take a pen and a paper and start jotting down the things that you have always enjoyed in your life. There need not be a purpose behind the tasks you are writing. Thinking how penning down is the best gift for mother’s day?

Well, the idea here is to remind yourself of things that you love being engaged in your life for the sake of enjoyment. It can be anything from cycling, crafting, long drives, dancing on your jam, or just taking a warm shower.

Make sure you enjoy doing it. It will help you savor your life again. Savoring indeed leads to happiness.

This Mother’s Day I promise to do at least one thing a day that I enjoy doing and will savor it to the fullest.

Savor your LIFE

Promise 3: Chase your GOALS

Didn’t you always want to join that dance class or that happiness program? But, couldn’t you really find time for yourself so you end up giving up on that goal of your life? Well, trust me it is never too late to work on your life goals (it doesn’t matter how big or trivial it may sound to you).

When you will accomplish it the feel-good hormone is going to rush through your veins reviving you all together. So, to make it the best gift to give on mothers day, set a life goal focused around yourself and start working towards it NOW.

You can also start small by fixing trivial goals first like- watching a movie you have been longing to watch and then begin your journey to chase the major goal of your life.

This Mother’s Day I promise to set goals for myself each day and work actively towards it.

Chase your GOALS


While walking the tightropes of work-life balance, kids-marriage balance you forget to take care of yourself. But, now it is time to treat yourself the way that will pave the way for a happy and healthy life. Self-care is of omnipotence.

In fact, it is a way to tell your mind and body that they are being loved and cared for. Your act of self-care and self-love can be baking your favorite cookies or trying to meditate. Just make it about yourself this time and not others. Trust me this is the best Mother’s day gift you can rejoice!

This Mother’s Day I promise to look after myself the way I would look after my kid.


Promise 5: Rediscover Your WOMANHOOD

Before being assigned any role in your life, be it that of a daughter or a mother, you had two invincible roles to play. One that of being a woman and the second of being a kind human being. So, while you are focused on the roles given to you by others let us start us, let’s take this Mother’s day as an opportunity to work on the roles that were predestined.

Watch this video and rediscover your womanhood. You can share this journey of rediscovering your womanhood with other mothers in your circle, sharing this best Mother’s Day gift with them. After all sharing is caring, and there is no being as caring as a Mother.

This Mother’s Day I promise to caress myself and rediscover my womanhood

Now, it’s time for you to make these promises to yourself and start working on them. This is the best Mother’s Day you can give to yourself and other mothers in your group. Because just like your family needs a healthy breakfast they need you to have a healthy mindset to fight against all the odds.

Wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day.

You are strong… you are beautiful… you are a superwoman… you are a MOTHER

P.S. If you are a child reading it. Literally, pass this gift to your mom! She needs it all but will never ask for it. Because of all the chores of life she is not even aware of what her body and mind crave. Be your mom’s wellness reminder this Mother’s Day.

Here is a list of other little things other than this box of promises to gift to your Mother on Mother’s Day:

  1. Give her a HUG
  2. Tell her “I LOVE YOU”
  3. Spend quality TIME with her
  4. Make her TEA
  5. Watch a Movie or Sitcom TOGETHER (of her choice)
  6. Lend you hand in household CHORES
  7. Gift her favorite FLOWERS
  8. Ask her how she FEELS and listen to her
  9. Tell her about your DAY
  10. Give her a KISS

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