Savouring: A Simple Practice For You to Lead a Happy Life Ahead

Last Update on May 16, 2022 : Published on May 3, 2020

“We should learn to savor some moments to let time feel worth existing”

Munia Khan

With our life being nothing less than an emotional turmoil we all strive to have more of happy turns and stops than the sad ones.


Fred Bryant the father of savoring research defines savoring as “noticing and appreciating the positive aspects of life- the positive counterpart of coping”

To put it simpler words savoring is a practice of increasing the duration, duration, and intensity of positive experiences and emotions.

How SAVORING paves way to HAPPINESS?

Being a part of a screen-obsessed world limits our capacity to enjoy, capture and relive the good things that life has to offer to us. We might be aware of a good or happy moment but we forget to maximize its effect. This is where savoring can be fruitful.

  • Savoring helps us be mindful and allows us to linger on the positive experiences in our lives.
  • Savoring amplifies positive feelings and makes them last longer.
  • Savoring is reported to enhance our overall well-being
  • Savoring is found to protect us from negative feelings of hopelessness and depression


Fred Bryant, the expert on savoring has suggested 10 simple ways to practice this art and enjoy its benefits. This includes:

1. Share your good feelings with others

Treat the positive events of your life like positive news! Just spread it all over. Basically, tell it to others when you are appreciating a moment. This in turn will boost your bond and relationship.

Enjoying a laughing session with friends? Tell them! Remember- “People who savor together stay together,” Bryant.

Share your good feelings with others

2. Take a mental picture of good stuff (to remember later)

You might enjoy clicking pictures through your smart gadgets to capture a happy moment and share it on your social media. Well, let us start by taking a mental picture first that you can look back to during your difficult times. Just be conscious, look for positive things ,and capture them in your brain and heart! Easy isn’t it?

“It’s about saying to yourself, ‘This is great. I am loving it,’” as suggested by Bryant.

3. Revel in your success

How often do you pat your back or have a small round of applause for yourself? Rare practice!

Consider doing it more often, research supports that people who revel in their success are more likely to enjoy the outcomes of the same. Say to yourself “This is great and going to continue.”

P.S. Do congratulate yourself next time for your efforts and success.

4. Pay attention to your senses

Let us do some savoring muscle exercise! All you have to do is get in touch with your senses- use them more consciously. It can be a little difficult at first but, gradually you will achieve it. The best way to start it by slowing down during your meals as suggested by Chadwick. Just keep the distractions away, smell and sip that wine with your eyes closed.

5. Express your good feelings outwardly

The trick here is- Don’t just say Laugh Out Loud (LOL) do it! Think of it as providing your mind a piece of evidence that something positive has occurred in your life. Next time when something good happens to you, express it outwardly and feel extra good.

If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands! Or say HOORAY!

Express your good feelings outwardly

6. Compare good feelings with unpleasant ones

The only kind of compassion worth practicing and suggested is where you compare and remind yourself of how bad things could be. It will boost positive feelings. Ideally, this works as a reference point to look at.

Well, later today if you feel you didn’t enjoy your meal think of- at least you are not going to bed hungry!

7. Don’t multitask rather get absorbed

Go in the state of flow! Just totally absorb yourself in a moment or take it completely. Not only will you enjoy it the most but also experience positivity. Don’t be tempted by multitasking and getting things done. Instead, pause and reflect on experience on the spot as Chadwick recommends.

8. Be thankful to what’s good

Count your blessings! Take some time out to tell your loved ones how lucky and happy you are to have them by your side.

Feeling thankful? Say those two magical words- “thank you” out and aloud. Affirming your positive feelings can actually make you feel happier and others around you as supported by research.

You can also do a fun activity here suggested by Bryant and empirically found to be fruitful…

Think of a new blessing you never thought of and give it thanks before going to bed.

9. Focus on the positives and stop being a killjoy

Swim at the positive sides instead of diving in the negative side of the situation or event. We all experience a rough patch in our lives, but focusing on positivity is what actually makes you stronger and happier altogether. Leaving that alone doesn’t killjoy your personal achievements and happy moments by finding something negative out of it.

Bryant says, “avoiding negative thinking is just as important as thinking positively .” Do make a note of it.

Focus on the positives and stop being a killjoy

10. Appreciate the good moments more and they tend to pass more quickly.

We all have heard of the old saying… “Good time passes by quickly.” Well, it really does because we forget to appreciate it! Therefore, telling yourself to consciously relish a moment is important to savor it.

The above mentioned 10 ways inspire you to savor the present. Apart from these 10 ways of savoring you can also try some mental time-travel.

Savor the Past: Reminisce

Time travels to the past to find your happy place. Thinking back on good memories can make us feel happy as supported by studies.

Savor the Present: Anticipate

Use your imagination to create your own happiness. By looking forward to good things we can savor the future.

Stop being a dampener- throwing a wet towel on good feelings…

Pause, ruminate on good stuff…

Start savoring!!!

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