The Healing Power of Reiki


Reiki is a basic premise of energy healing that comes from your Spirit Guides, goes through your physical body, onto the physical body of another. Reiki stabilizes, cleanses, provides well-being and maintains the harmonious state of energy wherein you act as a vessel of healing energies. Reiki is a Japanese word which means “Universal Life Energy”.  Reiki massage is followed with the practice of “laying hands”. Reiki healing is part of integrative medicine and is followed by a large population globally.

Healing Power of Reiki

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Reiki healing can be any form like physical, mental, emotional and forth. Reiki therapy is a set of techniques with symbols achieved by following the Principles of Reiki.

Patients who are suffering from chronic diseases have experienced Reiki Therapy and have observed improved cardiovascular. Hence, it proves that the healing power of Reiki therapy has numerous benefits.

Key Facts:

  • Reiki therapy mediates the release of neurotransmitters such as oxytocin and dopamine.
  • Reiki therapy is not used as a cure for a disorder, it actually assists the body in the creation of an environment which facilitates the healing process.

reiki massage

Benefits of Reiki Therapy:

1. Reduced tension and stress

Reiki therapy allows them time to regain yourself which results in a more peaceful, clear, and relaxed body.

Reiki massage provides a space that makes you more aware of what is going inside your mind and body. This therapy enables your process of making wise decisions and being in the right place.  During the process, it helps you to access more inner wisdom and knowledge that we pursue.

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2. Acceleration of self-healing abilities

Reiki healing instantly returns your mind to your normal state, as we can say that Reiki therapy gets movement of your body in the right direction. Also, it improves heart rates, blood pressure, and breathing. Deep breathing enables self-healing abilities which naturally settles our mind.

Benefits of Reiki Therapy

3. Peaceful sleep

The most important result of Reiki therapy is relaxation. Relaxation outcomes in better sleep, better healing, more clear thinking, and genuine relation with others. Reiki therapy practitioners experience deep sleep which is considered as the sign of self-healing.

4. Relieves pain

Reiki therapy works on the basis of hand placement which restores the balances on the possible level. It improves the vitals of your body (digestion, breathing and sleeping) which outcomes in improved physical systems of your body.

Reiki therapy is used to relieve the pain from sciatica, arthritis, and migraine, asthma, insomnia, fatigue and more.

reiki therapy

5. Promotes harmony and balance in the body

Reiki therapy promotes harmony and balance in your body which shows that this therapy is effective and non-invasive. It improves the natural healing ability and promotes overall wellness.

6. Provides emotional strength and spiritual growth

Reiki therapy is used for enhancing self-healing abilities and during this therapy, it is not important to feel spiritual. It generally promotes personal development. Most important point is that Reiki does not target the symptoms, it addresses the whole person. It inspires people to look at situations in a positive way. Or we can say that it guides people to move in the right direction.

provides emotional strength and spiritual growth

Personal experience of Reiki Therapy

I am personally undergoing a challenging stage in the life of personal and healing transformation. Reiki massage helped me to become emotionally stable. When I started practicing Reiki therapy, I realized on a consistent basis that I am more balanced, focused and centered. I started experiencing reality from a higher perspective. For me, Reiki therapy is an effective art of cleansing and balancing the realities of life, it is like meditation.

I personally believe that the mind-body connection is strong and infrangible. I feel more positive now and never stressed about bad situations. I feel lighter and finally, have some headspace to get clearer on my way forward.

I hope you like this article. If you have questions or suggestions regarding Reiki or Reiki Therapy, please comment down. Thank you for reading, I hope this information helps.

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    Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. My mother was a practitioner and was quite good at it. I was never able to learn it from her because I was busy with school and studies. But after much time I read about this. Will try to learn. Thanks a lot!

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