Try These Simple Bedtimes Habit For Better Sleep and Mental Well-being

Last Update on October 25, 2023 : Published on August 3, 2020

“Sleep is the best meditation”

~ Dalai Lama

Rightly quoted!!!

Sleep is one of the important primary and biological needs. If it is unmet we really can’t have a day full of energy and positivity. That’s why on days when you don’t get enough sleep.

Often I have seen my clients and closed ones complaining that even though they are sleeping for a pretty good 8 hours they don’t wake up with the right energy. This highlights a very important aspect of sleep, that my friend is, A good sleep is all about the balance between quality and quantity of it.
While you can follow these 12 basic mantras to get quantity sleep, you might need to make 5 simple bedtime habits a part of your life for quality sleep.

rules of healthy sleep

Now, let us find what these 5 healthy habits for sound sleep are:

5 Simple Bedtime Habits for Better Sleep and Mental Wellness

1.Revisiting the Day

There is always a lot to learn from each day of your life but seldom do we focus on these lessons. This is a major reason as to why even when we face the same challenges again we don’t know how to face them. Thus, revisiting your day is important as it prepares you for the next day and calms the chaos of the entire day that is running in your head. You can start by thinking how you started your day, think of each hour, and revisit all the events. This will help you understand what you want to change the next day along with making you mindful. If at any point you feel overwhelmed practice the other habits discussed below.

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2. The Three Good Things

My first research paper was based on this beautiful practice of Gratitude! Well, of course practicing gratitude is as simple as saying thank you. But,always have an option to level it up and enjoy its healthy and positive outputs in your life.

One such way to add gratitude in your life is through a simple yet powerful exercise named “The Three Good Things.” It will help you practice gratitude, enjoy its benefits, boost your mental wellness, and on top of it will help you sleep better. Through this exercise you can bid stress and overwhelming concerns by simply reminding yourself of the good things that exist in your life. Follow these simple steps

  • Sit on your bed in a comfortable position.
  • Next, think of three good things that happened to you throughout the day. It can be a trivial incident like a stranger holding the door for you or an important accomplishment like getting a promotion. Just think of it. (Here point 1 can be equally helpful).
  • Now, say these “three good things” loud to yourself.

Enjoy your good night sleep now.

healthy heart

3. Sip on Sleep Inducing Herbal Tea

I understand many people have this habit of sipping on caffeine or any other drink before going to bed. Which in turns interfere with our sleep instead of doing any good. Even I used to belong to this category. So, search for healthy alternatives and I found one, herbal teas!

Few days back I wrote a blog on 25 best herbal teas, in which I covered a special section on sleep inducing herbal teas. From that day onwards I have been sipping on one of the teas mentioned in the list and I have seen changes flowing in. I recommend you to switch from caffeine to herbal teas that will not interfere in your sleep. Plus, you can enjoy other benefits too that the herbs have to offer.

herbal tea

4. Relaxing Deep Breathing

Did you know everytime we face any discomforting life situation we shift our breathing pattern from deep to shallow, which is unhealthy. So, to make up for the entire day you can practice deep breathing before going to bed. Apart from compensating for the entire day’s shallow breathing, deep breathing will also calm your nerves down, and relax your excitatory body system. Even practicing 5 minutes of deep breathing will do the needful.

5. Self-Love Before Snoozing

You can’t let your day’s hassles take a toll on yourself. You might not have got enough time to show self-love and compassion. But, bedtime is the perfect time to tell yourself that no matter how the day went you are there for yourself. So, to practice self-love you can create your own mantra or use the “I am enough” phrase and follow these steps:

  • Close your eyes.
  • Place your hands on your heart.
  • Now, repeat your self-love mantra or phrase of yours 4-5 times (or more).

Let good sleep cuddle you up.

self love

Special Healing Bedtime Habit

In a recent healing program that I was a part of I discovered a really interesting method that promotes sound sleep. This bedtime habit will induce sound sleep on

one hand and heals you internally on the other. The habit I am recommending you here is- listening to deep sleep music.

Listening to music is a therapy! This therapy can even influence your sleep wave and put you to a sound sleep. So place your digital device away, play deep sleep music, and enjoy your sleep.

Also, for the records, I have implemented these healthy bedtime habits for better sleep for more than a week now and I have witnessed changes. So, yes they are definitely tried and tested.

Now, it is time for you to implement them and get both quality and quantity of sleep for a happier and healthier life.

Sleep tight!

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