6 Best Wearable Tech Devices For Improving Mental Health

Last Update on September 27, 2022 : Published on September 27, 2022

Increasing mental health concerns call for a life-savor option now! Everyone is dealing with stress, anxiety, or other common mental health issues on an everyday basis. And, the fact is getting therapy for these common daily life stressors is not easy. But, getting relief from these symptoms is also important.

We all know about self-care or self-help strategies that help us keeping with common mental health stressors. But, do you know that there are wearable devices as well which can help you in combating common mental health issues like anxiety, stress, and more?

There are various specially designed wearable tech devices that help people in dealing with common mental health issues or symptoms like frustration, anger, or lack of sleep. In this blog, we will be discussing the future of wearable devices along with the 6 best wearable devices for improving mental health.

Future of Wearable Devices

There are several wearable devices developed to help people with mental health issues. Wearable devices like bracelets, rings, headgear, and apps are in trend and can be effective for managing emotional and mental symptoms of common mental health issues like anxiety and stress.  Wearable devices are not only good for our mental health but for the future of mental healthcare as well. According to a psychologist, “the wearable for mental health can help address the shortages in healthcare providers for mental health and would reduce the number of intractable cases that need last resort measures, such as invasive brain implants.”

Benefits of Wearable Devices

According to experts, wearable devices will cut off the cost of mental healthcare and will improve the number of mental health issues commonly faced by everyone around the world. Moreover, when the person is allowed to take charge of their symptoms and overall mental health care, they start determining better sleep patterns. The real-time feedback provided by the wearables results in less stress and the collected data can be easily accessed by healthcare professionals in treating severe symptoms or issues. The wearable devices provide make us feel empowered to take self-help steps. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation for everyone, the client and technology both win!

6 Best Wearable Devices for Combating Mental health Issues

1.Thync: Best for Improving Nervous System Functioning


Thync is the most innovative approach and is considered to be one of the best wearable devices. Thync helps in improving brain functioning through electricity. This device focuses on the brain’s natural language and helps in democratizing access to the benefits related to neurostimulation. It is basically a wearable patch that helps in increasing clarity, alertness, and energy for a few hours.

For more info: Thync

2.Muse: Best for Improving Focus

Muse is a headband that is not only a headband but a brain-sensing tool that helps users to improve their focus. The headband is special because it helps in refocus during the day and recovers overnight.  This headband works by translating the brainwaves. Muse is one of the widely accepted and used wearable devices. This device is important for those lazy or quietens minds that are not able to connect or focus. Additionally, this device makes people calmer and more settled.

For more info: Muse

3.ZEEQ Pillow: Best for Analysing Sleep


ZEEQ Pillow is an anti-snoring and super-comfy pillow. This is not only a pillow but this device is referred to as a smart pillow that plays music, reacts to snoring, and monitors our sleep. This pillow makes sure that we are getting enough deep sleep and waking up fresher. It’s a magic pillow that can be used by everyone in the family.

For more info: ZEEQ Smart Pillow Review

4.The OURA Ring: Best for Making Optimal Choices


We all are aware that getting enough restorative sleep is very important for our overall health. Therefore, the OURA ring tracks our sleeping patterns and makes sure that we are getting enough sleep by measuring our body’s signals, guiding us, and understanding our lifestyles. It’s a special ring that helps us in making optimal choices in our regular life.

For more info: OURA

5.The S+: Best for Improving Sleep

The S+ is one of the world’s first sleep sensors. It is a non-contact sleep sensor that helps users in attaining deep sleep. It comes with a sleep monitor that helps users track their sleeping patterns and helps in understanding their sleeping patterns in a better way.

For more info: The S+

6.Apollo: Best for Calming Nervous System


Apollo provides touch therapy that helps in calming our nervous system. The best part about using this device is that it gets better with time. The more we use, the more we can seek benefits.

For more info: Apollo

I hope this blog helps you understand the future of wearable devices and the 6 best wearable devices. Comment down and share which device you wish to get your hands on. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

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